The practice of golden soup sauerkraut


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\”Mother -in -law must pick up sauerkraut every year. I like to eat it. I do n’t know why this year. Three people like to eat, especially doctors, especially do not eat. So, do it once, but it ’s a pity. Look at the text. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredient



  • Potato A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary materials
  • Salt

A moderate amount

Chicken Essence

A moderate amount

    A moderate amount

  • [ 123]
  • Sour and salty flavor
  • Stewed process

  • Timmer takes time Simple difficulty
  • [


[ 123]

Step of the practice of gold soup sauerkraut

  • Half of Northeast sauerkraut. The family of three, one basically can’t eat, so I only make half of each time, and keep it next time.


  • 金汤制作:早晨,做小米粥,用金黄小米,水多放一些,成为米汤,小米After drinking the porridge, the excess rice soup is stored, and it becomes a golden soup at noon.

  • 3

  • shredded sauerkraut, shredded potatoes, shredded beef. Hot pot, put in oil. Add peppercorns, shredded ginger, shredded beef, put a little soy sauce, and fry until discolored. Add the potato shreds and continue frying. After 2 minutes, join the gold soup.

  • 4

  • After the stew cooker is opened, add sauerkraut and add salt. Open the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.

  • 5

  • Out of the pot and eat. Sour.

    There are some millet grains in the gold soup.

  • Before the sauerkraut is cutWash it, slices into thin pieces, and then cut it.


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