The practice of fried udon

Momo's homemade fried udon recipe

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“It’s a super simple one. It’s a self-improved fried udon. Because I like to eat sweet and sour, I used to add some tomato sauce. I didn’t have it at home today, so I used it. Thai-style chutney is also delicious, the key depends on your own taste~”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Udon noodles

    1 bag

  • tomatoes


  • onion

    Appropriate amount

  • carrot

    Appropriate amount

  • rape

    Appropriate amount

  • garlic

    Appropriate amount

  • Thai Chutney

    Appropriate amount

  • Oyster Sauce

    Appropriate amount

  • sweet and sour


  • saute


  • ten minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


How to make fried udon

  • Momo's own creation The steps of frying udon: 1

    These are the raw materials, very simple, cut the vegetables for later use

  • 2

    Put oil in the pot, add onion, minced garlic, carrot, tomato, and rape in order to stir fry. In fact, the order is not strictly controlled. Just add it according to the degree of ripeness

  • 3

    Wait until the vegetables in the pot change color, add an appropriate amount of salt (not too much), add udon noodles, do not turn over immediately at this time Stir-fry, let the udon noodles be heated as a whole, and it will be easy to open

  • 4

    Add seasoning (oyster sauce and hot and sour sauce), according to personal taste ~ stir fry slightly


1 In fact, in many cases, cooking depends on your mood and your taste
2 The first step, if you want less oil, you can put some cold water when frying udon, so as not to stick to the pan


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