The practice of fried flounder

Fried flounder

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Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Flounder

    one piece

  • salt

    3 spoons

  • Flour

    About half a scoop, put in 3 or 4 taels, use 50 grams net

  • Black Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Coriander

    half root

  • oil

    A total of 200ml may be required before and after

  • Original


  • fry


  • One hour

    time consuming

  • Simple


The steps of frying flounder

  • Fried flounder practice steps: 1

    Flesh a flounder, you can cut the whole fish into two pieces of boneless meat and a fish bone, I use a long 35 cm, relatively large fish with a thickness of 4, 5 cm, so the flesh is shaved.

  • 2

    Marinate with salt and black pepper. I marinated for about 20 minutes and used 2 tablespoons of salt, but I felt a little weaker. I feel that pepper and salt can be added in moderation, and it may be better to marinate for 1 hour

  •  The steps of frying flounder: 3

    Chop the fish bones into two pieces, a total of four pieces, put oil in the pot, about two tablespoons, just have a layer of 2mm oil film, each piece [When it is time to start frying] The front and back sides are covered with flour, shake off the excess flour, and cook on a 1000w induction cooker until golden.

  •  The steps of frying flounder: 4

    You can sprinkle some parsley. It can be eaten directly, or it can be eaten with lemon juice (in fact, it may be that the salt is less or the marinating time is short, I feel the effect todaynot very good)

  •  The steps of frying flounder: 5

    If you are looking for beauty, you can decorate with homemade tomato sauce. The top is cut with a cross knife for easy peeling

  •  The steps of frying flounder: 6

    Boil the tomatoes with a cross knife in boiling water, cut into small cubes, add a little water, heat, and keep stirring Make tomato sauce

  •  The steps of frying flounder: 7

    Just load it


If you think it’s bland, maybe you can add salt and pepper to it.


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