The practice of fried bean sprouts


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\” A rare stir -fried dish, with its exclusive taste. It is the first to be destroyed every time, especially its soup. Ingredients details

Main ingredients

Bean sprouts



  • 50g
  • Auxiliary materials

garlic seedlings




  • Ginger
  • 4 tablets

  • dry pepper festival
  • 20 pieces

  • pepper particles 20 pieces of 20 pieces
  • Soy sauce

1 spoon (small)


123] Xiang Vinegar

1 spoon (small)
    Old godmother

  • 2 spoons (small) Pepper
  • 2 spoons (small small (small small (small small )

  • Chicken Essence
  • 1g

  • Spicy flavor
  • fried craft

  • Time time takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty

The method of fried bean sprouts

  • 1
  • Wash the bean sprouts, shallots, garlic seedlings and ginger, cut the onion and garlic seedlings, slices of ginger, shredded meat for use.

  • 2 农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:1 Put fat and stir -fry lard in the pot.

  • 3 农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:2 Then add lean meat, ginger slices, dried pepper and peppercorns.

  • 4 农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:3 Put the bean sprouts and fry the water. (If the oil is small, you can add the oil to the oil).

  • 5 农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:4 Wait for the bean sprouts to 7 to mature, add the old godmother, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence and garlic seedlings.

  • 6 农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:5 Put the onion segment and stir -fry evenly before the pan.


  • 1. Because the old godmother, bad peppers, soy sauce have salt flavors, so no salt is needed.
    2. Be sure to use oil to stir -fry the bean sprouts and then add the seasoning. This kind of bean sprouts can reach a cooked state, and the taste will be better.农村酒席必有炒菜之炒豆芽的做法步骤:6