The practice of fresh meat shrimp small ravioli_The fresh meat shrimp and small ravioli suitable for baby, adjust, make skin, wrap, save_How how to make fresh meat shrimp


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[ 123] I will talk about rolling skin and some points of the stuffing, including the purse method and preservation method. You can take it for your baby once on the weekend, save it, and cook it. [123 123. ]
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The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients

[ 123]

100 grams


  • 20 grams Onion
  • 5 grams

  • Ginger
  • 2 grams

  • Egg
  • 1

  • flour 100g
  • ] Water 30g
  • Original flavor Our hour consumption

Ordinary difficulty


    The practice of fresh meat shrimp and small ravioli


Flour Generally, medium tendons can also be used, but you can also use high gluten, but if you knead your hands, high gluten is more laborious. It is not recommended to use low gluten. Pork can be replaced with other meats, and those who do not like shrimp can not be used. All of them are stuffed with pork. For your baby, I usually use all lean meat to choose leg meat. If you want to add fat, you can add a small amount. It is not recommended to eat more. If eggs are allergic, you can not add it. If you don’t like to eat onion and ginger, you can use green onion ginger water to put a little to the filling. However, do not have a large amount of juice, and you can also not put onion ginger directly.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:1


    Let’s make the filling first. Pork and shrimp are chopped, and it can be cut into the mud, and the onion ginger is cut.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:2


    Add onion ginger and eggs to the filling. Note that the eggs here do not finish, leave half of the protein, and add it to the flour, the dough will be more gluten, and the filling here is relatively small, and it will be too thin after it is put directly, so it is just right.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:3


    Then stir in a circle in one direction. Stir to meatThe filling looks a bit brushed, and the picture may be a bit unclear. If you don’t want to stir so tired, you can also stir well. Cover the plastic wrap and refrigerate the refrigerator.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:4


    Next to prepare the skin, if it is bought, these can be omitted. Flour and water, add half of the amount of protein, stir into flocculent, without dry powder.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:5


    Roughly kneading into a ball and put it on the cutting board. Knead the dough at the root of the palm, knead until it is roughly smooth, and wake up the plastic wake for 10 minutes.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:6


    After waking up, it will become humid and soft. You can rub it for a while and rub it.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:7


    On the cutting board or on the dough, sprinkle some starch and stick. Starch is the best. Try to roll as thin as possible, if it is not easy to roll, or the cutting board is not large enough, you can try this method. The side of the dough is rolled on the rolling pin, and then rolled directly to the other direction in the other direction. It is easy to roll as thin as this, save a lot of effort, and save it. Be sure to roll tightly, otherwise there will be folds.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:8


    Because the surroundings and centers of the ravioli skin are the same thick, it is not the same as the dumpling skin. Finally, roll it into a large thin piece of 0.1 cm thick, and sprinkle some starch on it. If you feel that the dough is too big, you can divide it into a small dough and roll it separately.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:9


    Cut it into a certain width and cut it into a piece. You can also cut it while folding. Then cut it into a small square, how big it is to cut, and cutting into a square is better than me.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:10


    If you want to roll thinner, you can put the cut crickets, four or five stacks together together together , Roll with a rolling pin a few times, it will be very thin.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:11


    Here is a cricket, a classic goldfish small ravioli. Put some stuffing in

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:12 13

    Then two hands, pinch the filling on both sides, wrap the filling in, do not want to do not want The filling is exposed.

  • 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:13 14

    Let’s have another ingots

  • 15 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:14 Then then Boil the water, just put it in and cook, you can also cook some laver.

  • 16 适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:15 This is very suitable Pumping, salt, green onions, sesame oil, baby can only put sesame oil.


  • If the filling is too much, you can add a little flour to the filling and fry it into a small cake.
    适合宝宝吃的鲜肉虾仁小馄饨,调馅、做皮、包制、保存的做法步骤:16 If there are too many skin, you can cut the remaining skin to grow, which is the noodles.
    Generally, the edge corner of the cut is cut directly to make noodles.

    If you want to save the filling, you can cover the plastic wrap, refrigerate the refrigerator for 1 day, or freeze for 1 week.

  • The frozen filling can be thawed in the refrigerator in the refrigerator one day in advance, and then use it.

If you want to save the skin, wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a fresh -keeping bag, refrigerate the refrigerator for 1 day, or freeze for 1 week, freeze for more than 1 month. thaw.

If you want to save the wrapped ravioli, you can find a plate or other container, put it on the plastic wrap, or sprinkle some flour to prevent sticking, then put it on the ravioli, refrigerate for 1 day, freeze for 1 week, try not to try not as much as possible. More than 1 month.

The frozen ravioli does not need to be thawed. The water is boiled and put it in and cooked. It only needs to cook more than the just wrapped.

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