The practice of fragrant beef soup

Recipe for Fragrant Beef Soup

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“Although the weather is getting warmer, drinking more soup can moisturize and prevent dryness. I planned to make borscht, but later I also wanted to eat mushrooms and bean curds, so I simply stewed them in a big pot. ”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Beef

    a catty

  • Ginger onion

    Appropriate amount

  • Cabbage

    Appropriate amount

  • onion

    Appropriate amount

  • tomatoes

    Appropriate amount

  • Mushroom

    Appropriate amount

  • Beans

    Appropriate amount

  • Garlic

    Appropriate amount

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Chicken Essence

    Appropriate amount

  • Original


  • stew


  • hours

    time consuming

  • Simple


Steps for making fragrant beef soup

  • Fragrant Beef Soup The practice steps: 1

    Blanch the beef, cut the onion into sections, and slice the ginger.

  • Fragrant Beef Soup The practice steps: 2

    Put the beef and ginger and spring onion into the casserole and stew until soft.

  • Fragrant Beef Soup Practice steps: 3

    Cut onions, tomatoes, and cabbage into pieces.

  • Steps for making fragrant beef soup: 4

    Shred the bean curd, tear the mushrooms into small pieces.

  • Fragrant Beef Soup Practice steps: 5

    Fry soft cabbage, tomatoes and onions in a little oil.

  • Fragrant Beef Soup Practice steps: 6

    Pour in beef broth and simmer for a while, seasoning: salt, pepper, sprinkle with garlic or chives, add some chicken essence and sesame oil to enhance the taste Can.



The beef should be stewed in warm water. Blanching is the best, as the beef now has a lot of dirt.

The beef stewed in a casserole is relatively soft and rotten. If you don’t have it, put a few slices of hawthorn in it and use a stew pot.

Vegetables are based on your preferences, but onions, cabbage, and tomatoes are indispensable.


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