The practice of eggplant juice presence_Baspy Western food by itself -Erotic Palms_How to make eggplant juice

\”My son likes to eat sour and sweet. I will cook the eggplant juice for him today. The method is simple and the taste is delicious. The support of our mothers eat this support. I mixed it directly in the pot, added black pepper, the child saw it, and still asked me for me. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

  • Preview 300g


123] Chicken


  • corn
  • 50g

  • green beans 50g
  • ingredients

tomato juice

3 spoons

  • Sour salty Taste

Fried process

Ten minutes time consumption

  • Simple difficulty
  • Erotic pasta steps
  • [ 123]


    Chicken diced, use starch, cooking wine, salt, and pickled for half an hour. After the water is boiled, add salt to boil for 7,8 minutes, remove the cold water, and mix olive oil for later use.

  • 好吃的西餐自己做——茄汁意面的做法步骤:1


  • A little oil in the pot, slippery the chicken after coloring.

  • 好吃的西餐自己做——茄汁意面的做法步骤:2


  • Stir -fry the onion with the oil leftover in the pot, add corn green beans after the onion soft, add a little stir -fry and add it. 2 big spoonful of tomato sauce, stir well.

  • 好吃的西餐自己做——茄汁意面的做法步骤:3


  • Add half a bowl of milk, a little salt, cook until the sauce is thick.

  • 好吃的西餐自己做——茄汁意面的做法步骤:4


  • Mix well when eating, and finally sprinkle with black pepper powder. The taste is quite rich!

  • 好吃的西餐自己做——茄汁意面的做法步骤:5


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