The practice of dry fried Niuhe

\”For the first time today, I only share the practice, and the skill is not good. And I don’t know it, and the beef is too much. But I made it seriously. Taste, if you are interested, try it according to my recipe? \”

ingredient details

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  • Shahe Fan 2 people
  • Beef 1 piece
  • Onion 1




Red Pepper


  • Accessories

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  • Starch Moderate watering to water
  • Shengpan Affairs
  • Old Pumping A moderate amount [ 123]
  • white sugar

A moderate amount


  • Salted fresh fresh Taste
  • Fried craft

Timmer time takes time

Ordinary difficulty
    The method of dry fried Niuhe River

  • [ 123]


  • The main materials are all available;

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:2


    Put the beef slices into the bowl, adjust it into an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and sauce, and marinate for 10 minutes;

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:3

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:4


  • Soak the dried river powder with warm water of about 50 ° C to the softening of the river powder, remove and drain the water for later use;

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:5

  • 4
    During the shredded onion, red pepper, green onion ginger; 干炒牛河的做法步骤:6

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:7



  • Put the oil in the pot, heat the heat, and when the oil surface is more white, put it in the cow’s spine, stir -fry for half a minute, and remove it after the meat is discolored;

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    123] 干炒牛河的做法步骤:8


  • Then wash the water after washing, pour the cold oil after heating The pepper shreds quickly fry the oil quickly;

  • 干炒牛河的做法步骤:9


  • Then fry the river powder fry until the river powder is evenly covered with base oil;

Then quickly adjust the raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, sugar, salt to all ingredients;

] 9 Finally, put the beef slices and fry it quickly until evenly. Tips 1. If you can buy fresh river powder, it will be better to choose a thick taste; 2. Beef is recommended to choose yellowBeef; 3. The silver bud can also be added with the side dishes. It is also a good choice to stir -fry the side dishes. 4. Remember to fry the fire!