The practice of dribbled vegetables


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Chengdu is now the main food. The taste is more delicious than spicy and hot. The price is more affordable than hot pot. It can be said that Sichuan flavor represents the food. If you like Sichuan Shu food, whether you want to open your own vegetable shop or eat it yourself, So it is an essential thing to learn to make authentic dishes. So how does authentic counterfeit vegetables do? Today, Huang Tech will teach you to do it. \”

The details of the ingredients [123 ]

Main ingredients



  • Guipi 8g
  • [ 123] Vanilla 2g
  • Grass Fruit 5g
  • 100g
  • Too Pepper

  • 30g
  • Chili

  • 30g
  • Oil

  • 300g Yamana
  • 1g

  • [ 123] Guizhi 3g
  • Lilac 2g
  • avocado 200g
  • [ 123] Accessories
  • Onion 20g




    rock sugar

  • 10g
  • Chicken frame

  • 2 Pork stick bone
  • 5 One

  • Meat
  • Mao belly
  • ] Yellow throat
  • Depending on individual


According to individual ]

Duck intestine

Depending on individual

  • Vegetarian cuisine

  • Doll vegetables Depending on personal
  • Lettuce Depending on individual
  • Spinach Depending on individual
  • enoki mushroom

Depending on individual

Potato chips

Depending on individual
    Lotus cuisine

  • According to individuals
  • Artemisia annua

  • Depending on individual
  • Spicy flavor

  • Cooking process Ten minutes takes time
  • ordinary difficult 123] The practice of the counterfeit
  • 1 First mix the prepared materials first , Prepare a large stainless steel barrel, pour avocado, rapeseed oil, heat the temperature of the heat to 150 ° C-160 ° C. Fry the mixed spice in the oil pan and small heat until golden and remove the spices and place it in the container for later use.
  • 2
  • Put the oil in the oil pan in the sugar, and slowly stir the low heat until the sugar is completely opened. After the sugar is opened, put the Douban of Qixian County in the pot, inherit the stir -fry with low heat. After fifteen minutes, the Douban is crispy, and then put it in the previously fried spices to inherit and stir -fry for 20 minutes. Then sprinkle the ingredients and stir on average, and turn off the fire for 10 minutes. Finally, the red oil and the bottom material are separated, and each will be stored separately.


The modulation of the soup base is also an important step in the process of making vegetables. First use the soup base to take the pork stick bone and chicken skeleton, wash it and simmer, and put it in the stainless steel barrel. Inject 10 kg of water purification, boil the fire, switch to medium heat, wait for the soup to show light white.

  • 4

    Four steps: After boiling the soup, pour 500 grams of the previously frying background 20-25 minutes, filter out the residue in the soup, and then scoop 500 grams of red oil into the stir, and make the soup.

  • 5

    The rest of the soup base is relatively simple, inject 10 kg of water in the pot, pour salt into salt 50 grams, put the dishes into the water

  • 6

    Take a large bowl, scoop 750 grams of soup, add add, add 10 grams each of salt and chicken essence, sprinkle with 50 grams each of garlic, onion, and celery. Put 10 grams of tempeh sauce, 5 grams of fried white sesame seeds and 5 grams of pepper noodles, add cooked ingredients, drizzle sesame oil 30 grams, 100 grams of red oil, finallySprinkle with chopped millet peppers, appropriate amount of coriander, and 5 grams of peanuts.Such a bowl of spicy and fragrant dish is ready!

  • Tips

  • The vegetables in the vegetables, the meat is not necessarily, what to put and what you like.

    The bottom of the dish can be used for hot pot bottoms, or brine or original soup base material, just choose to choose.


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