The practice of cod castle

Recipe of Fort Cod

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“I haven’t eaten hamburgers for some days. Just a few days ago, I bought some Alaska pollock. The boneless and spineless meat is very tender. I steamed a bag last time, and the whole family loves it Today I fried the cod and sandwiched it in the middle of the bread to make a cod castle. The bread was baked a day in advance, and the cod was fried in the morning. On the way to send my son to school, I asked if it was delicious. My son said, Not bad, not bad! Once you eat two fluffy and crispy cod burgers, you won’t feel hungry until noon, and you’re really serious about eating!”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Cod pieces

    4 pieces

  • egg


  • Hamburger base


  • starch

    a little

  • Bread crumbs

    Appropriate amount

  • Salty


  • fry


  • ten minutes

    time consuming

  • ordinary


The steps of making cod castle

  •  The steps of cod castle: 1

    Boneless and thornless cod pieces, eggs, cornstarch, and bread crumbs are ready; the cod pieces are rolled in starch and dipped in powdered starch ;Roll again in egg liquid, and finally in bread crumbs;

  •  The steps of cod castle: 2

    Heat the oil pan in advance, insert wooden chopsticks or bamboo chopsticks into the oil, small bubbles appear on the edge of the chopsticks, indicating that the oil temperature is appropriate, put step 2 Put the processed cod pieces into the oil pan, deep-fry until golden and float on the oil surface, then take them out, put them on oil-absorbing paper, and absorb the excess oil; points to note: bread crumbs are particularly easy to burn, so Fry on low heat, so as to ensure that the fish is cooked, and the bread crumbs remain golden; determine whether the fish is mature, and see if the fish pieces are more expanded than when they were first put in. Generally, it will be cooked after 2 minutes of frying;

  •  The steps of cod castle: 3

    Cut the bread in half, and prepare the cod pieces, crown li pickle mustard sauce, and lettuce leaves;

  •  The steps of cod castle: 4

    Spread a layer of pickled cucumber mustard sauce, put a piece of lettuce, put cod pieces, and then spread a layer of pickled cucumber mustard sauce;

  •  The steps of cod castle: 5

    Finally, cover the top of the bread, and the simple and delicious cod castle is ready; cod pieces, lettuce, pickled cucumber mustard sauce, etc. You can replace them with your favorite omelets, patties, vegetables, and seasonings.

  •  The steps of cod castle: 6

    Cod Fort, soft and crispy!


The flat stuffing of the hamburger is not fixed, you can mix it with what you like, even Chinese dishes like spicy chicken can be sandwiched in it.


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