The practice of Chinese fried rice in China

中意你 炒饭的做法

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\”Why is it called such a sweet name (づ● – ●) 3

In fact, Xiao Orange played a sliding head: Based on the desktop fried rice, add the elements of egg juice and black pepper powder.
Chinese and Italian styles across the European Asia and Asia The fresh and warm treasure island sea breeze and the bright and lively Mediterranean sunlight collided, and the freshness of the first love came out. \”

ingredient details

Lord Material


  • 200g (pork)
  • 2

  • fungus [ 123] A moderate amount
  • Tomato 1
  • leftovers A large bowl
  • Accessories

2 spoons

  • 2 spoons
  • Chicken Essence

  • half a spoon
  • Wuxiang powder

  • 1/3 spoon Black pepper powder
  • 1/3 spoon

  • [ [ 123] garlic
  • 3 petals

  • Onion
  • Shacha sauce Half a spoon
  • White granulated sugar A small amount
  • Tomato sauce A small amount
  • Edit oil A moderate amount
  • [ 123] Wuxiang flavor
  • Fried process Timmer time takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty


  • 1
  • Boil the small pot with water, put it in the washed tomato for three minutes to peel, cut into spare spare, spare spare Essence The soaked fungus was scalded and softened, removed and drained and chopped. Cut onion and garlic.

  • 2
    Put of small bowls of meat and beef, put in an egg white, rub it lightly until The egg whites are completely absorbed. This action can make the meat tender. From then on, say goodbye to unhealthy tender meat powderOh. Then release soy sauce and sand tea sauce, marinate for 8 to 10 minutes

  • 3

  • Put the remaining egg yolk and another egg, Heat the low heat, quickly stir -fry the egg liquid. Pay attention to it quickly. Slide the tip of the spatula at the bottom of the pan until the egg liquid solidifies, and then quickly chop it with the blade.

    [ 123]


  • Tomato diced into the pot, add tomato sauce and white sugar to the thick and delicate sauce according to your own taste (note that tomato sauce and sugar are just mentioned Taste, don’t put too much to grab the scene! You can not add the taste light)

  • 5

    Leave the oil at the bottom of the pot, open the medium fire Sad in the garlic for 20 seconds, quickly stir -fry the pickled meat into the pan until the meat breaks into white, and the fungus will continue to stir fry until soft collapse

  • [ 123]


    Leave the oil at the bottom of the pot. Open the fire into the rice and quickly stir -fry, pour the eggplant juice, stir -fry until the eggplant juice is evenly wrapped in the rice grains, the fungus, meat diced, eggs and eggs together and mix well. Sprinkle with green onion, spiced powder and black pepper powder again to get out of the pot.

  • Tips

    1. Because there are more ingredients to fry, you will put a lot of oil if you don’t pay attention. Beware of \”white fat\” ~ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ~) ~

    2. Onion is not as good as garlic, you must not be fried too well, so finally put it. The onion oil is not counted

    3. It is best to use leftovers for rice, because there is less water vapor and it is not easy to stick to the pan. This is especially important for novices and girls who like less oil!


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