The practice of chicken steak lotus root noodles

\”Teacher Ma Jun teaches you to make a family often meals, smooth taste fast food lotus root noodles-chicken steak lotus root noodles\”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

  • ] Lotus root noodles
  • 500g

Auxiliary material
  • Chicken ] 300g
Other flavors

  • Cooking process
  • Three -engraved bell time consumption
  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of chicken steak lotus root noodles

  • 1
    Chicken After the chest is cleaned, knock into the chicken chop with a hammer. [Hammer is commonly used in foreign families, usually used to knock chicken chop]

  • 2

  • Fresh lemon, everything, can squeeze the juice on the chicken steak with your hands. Lemon flesh can also be dug out and touch on the chicken steak!

  • 3

  • Wipe the flour gently apply a thin layer of flour with the soaked chicken steak. Remember very thin and thin, to be evenly wiped on both sides! Sweetly sprinkle some cinnamon sugar powder. I have it, so I usually add some [[from our neighbor foreigner], it will be very fragrant!

  • 4

  • Two eggs in the sauce bowl, add a few squeaks of milk, two puffed olive oil, add coriander, a little bit, a little a little Salt, add some black peppercorns if you like it. Tap into sauce!

  • 5

  • Put the chicken steak that was wiped out in the sauce, put it in the refrigerator, it is best to put a 4-5 one 4-5 Hour. Roll the bread flour, finally take out the chicken chop soaked in the sauce, roll it in the bread flour, and let the chicken steak the bread flour on both sides!

  • 6

  • Fried chicken pans wrapped with bread flour fry. You need a low fire or medium -fire. You must not be a heavy fire. It is estimated that it is not familiar with it, and it will be burnt! Frying in the braised soup for five minutes


  • Soak the fresh lotus root noodles with cold water for two minutes to boil water for two minutes. , Put the soaked lotus root noodles in boiling water and boil for a minute, fish the cooked lotus root noodles into the bowl,

  • 8

  • Put the chicken rowing soup soup with a variety of bacteria and vegetables, eggs, etc.It can be eaten.

  • Tips

    The characteristics of this soup; soup color gold red, chicken chop crispy, delicious soup,


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