The practice of chicken-flavored two-color fruit soup

Chicken-flavored two-color fruit soup (rice cake) approach

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“I made it for four people, and the recipe is also for four people. The finished product has a strong fragrance and is very delicious. I didn’t upload the step diagram because I found that it tasted good after eating, so I decided to upload it. So I temporarily took pictures of the finished product. (The photography skills are not good, but the taste is really good, and the family members like it. The important thing is that some children who are anorexic also gobble it up…)”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Ginkgo

    (rice cake) one piece

  • Chicken legs


  • Cabbage

    Appropriate amount

  • Agaric

    right amount of sugar

  • Yellow fruit

    (rice cake) one piece

  • Mushroom essence

    (Chicken essence) 2-3 tablespoons

  • Ginger

    2-3 small pieces shredded

  • sugar

    half tbsp

  • salt

    2-2.5 tsp

  • White pepper

    Appropriate amount (or not)

  • Scallions

    Appropriate amount (or not)

  • Salty


  • cook


  • twenty minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps of chicken-flavored two-color fruit soup

  • 1

    Preparation of various main ingredients: 1. Sliced ​​ginkgo. 2. Take the meat from the chicken legs, and leave the bones to cook the soup. 3. Cut the cabbage into pieces 4, soak the fungus 5. Prepare the auxiliary materials.

  • 2

    Start the pan, heat the oil in the pan, sauté the shredded ginger until fragrant, then put the chicken and chicken bones. Add sugar. Fry until the chicken changes color.

  • 3

    Then put the cabbage and chicken and stir-fry until the cabbage is broken, add fungus and salt for a while.

  • 4

    Add water, not over the pot. You can add half of the mushroom essence into the soup for seasoning, and wait for the water to boil.

  • Steps for making chicken-flavored two-color fruit soup (rice cake): 5

    Finally, add the double-colored fruit and boil until soft. Add the remaining amount of mushroom extract to taste. Sprinkle white pepper and chopped green onion when serving in bowls. (Can also be omitted)


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