The practice of chicken diced vegetables baked in preparation

\”Many people in the domestic western restaurants like to some cheese noodles. Most of them are because they have a strong milk flavor that can pull long cheese silk, visually and tasteful, which is 100 % satisfaction. In fact, the process of making Italian cheese is also quite simple. It can be done at home. It mainly has the three major things such as oven, cheese and niche powder. , Cheese, Tongxin Fan is very easy to buy in this domestic supermarket. Try it, make your family and yourself a milk flavor that is completely different from our domestic traditional noodles. \”

  • ] Ingredients details
  • Main ingredient Chicken breasts
  • Cheese

  • 1 measuring cup

Auxiliary material

  • ] Corn Affairs
  • Carrot Affairs
  • Green bamboo shoot A moderate amount
  • Milk

A moderate amount [appropriate quantity 123]

  • Black pepper A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount
Milk flavor flavor

    Cooking process

  • Mid -hour consumption

  • [ 123] Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of chicken and vegetables’ pasta
    [ 123] 1

  • Prepare all spare ingredients, vegetables, meat, pink powder, milk, etc.

  • 2

  • Here I put green bamboo shoots, carrots and corn, color matching and health, these three vegetables feel It’s pretty good. Of course, you can also replace it with other things, such as broccoli, onions, all.

  • 3

  • I chose the traditional fans. There are many cute ones such as a bow shape in the supermarket, the cartoon shape, etc. Tongxin Fan, these do these for children will be very popular.

  • 4

  • Cut all the vegetables,Corn can be cooked and filled with corn kernels directly, and then cooked with pink powder and milk. Add a little black pepper.

  • 5

  • Take a part Increase the viscosity between ingredients, better milk fragrance.

  • 6

  • Chicken diced with black pepper, olive oil mix well, fried chicken, diced chicken, sprinkle uniformly On noodles.

  • 7

  • Put another layer of Marri -La cheese, you can put it a little more Milk fragrance and long cheese shredded.

  • 8

  • Put it in the oven, adjust it to 400 f (domestic 200 C), bake for about 5-8 minutes, until until it, until When I saw the cheese melted completely, it was golden yellow surface.

  • 9

  • Okay, this is a vegetable chicken completed at home. Sprinkle some paparium dried leaves.

  • 10

  • Pulling long cheese shreds, fragrant chicken and vegetable Italian pink powder is completed. Add a broccoli, carrots, pineapple -colored dishes next to it. Let this meal excite our vision and taste in the summer season!

    Every time my mother cooks us, she likes to match various colors of vegetables together. She said that different colors are different. Vegetables and fruits have different effects. One day’s food must be exposed to vegetables and fruits of at least 5 of them. Subquisable, her cooking and thinking affect me unanimously, so I will unconsciously choose a lot of colors of vegetables in three meals a day to complete each dish. Just let the three main melodies of vision, health and deliciousness go to the end.