The practice of celery fried meat steamed noodles


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The name of the noodles is different. Our is called steamed noodles, and the in -laws are called braised noodles! I first heard that eating noodles at noon and thought it was eating noodles! Haha, I almost made a joke! \”
ingredients details
Main ingredient ]


  • Affairs


A moderate amount

Soybean sprouts

A moderate amount

  • Carrot A moderate amount
  • Seasoning
  • [ [ 123] Salt A small amount
  • MSG A small amount

A small amount

1 Spoon
    Old Pump

  • 2 spoon
  • Salted fresh flavor
  • steaming craft [ 123] One hour takes time
  • Simple difficulty

  • The method of stir -fried noodles of celery

  • [ 123]


    The four adults and two children in our family bought three pieces of fine noodles. The first step was to steam for half an hour!

  • Preparing for side dishes. Soy sauce onion salt and MSG marinate. (In fact, side dishes are not fixed. You can choose your favorite vegetables, such as garlic and eggs, or vegetables with green peppers).

  • 3 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:1 Boil oil.

  • 4 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:2 The oil temperature is about seven cents hot meat.

  • 5 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:3 Meat breaks the celery.

  • 6 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:4 Add soybean sprouts.

  • 7 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:5 The carrot silk can be placed last.

  • 8 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:6 During the cooking process, you can release soy sauce, old soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and water, pay attention to my The color of this soup requires a little soy sauce color, so that the steamed noodles are better.

  • 9
    After cooking all the dishes, you can turn off the heat and set aside, and the noodles are steamed. The vegetable soup is stirred. 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:7

  • 10
    You can use chopsticks to shake the noodles, the stripes are clear, then put it in the pot, and the noodles are beaten. The bottom dish is on the top of the dish. 芹菜炒肉蒸面条(有的地区叫卤面)的做法步骤:8

  • 11

  • Steaming for 15 minutes, it is very delicious. I like to add chili oil to stir and mix with chili oil It feels too much!

    The first point is that the side dishes are not fixed, and you can adjust according to your preference. Secondly, when the water is added, the water is just flooded. The third point, when the noodles and vegetables are stirred, you can get the noodles with the soup. If the mixing is not uniform, it is easy to dry, and then remember the extra soup. The point is that the diet should be appropriate. It’s so delicious that I am worried about eating and stomach uncomfortable.


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