The practice of broccoli yam beef puree

\”Today, this recipe is mainly to explain a problem. Various foods can be eaten separately or mixed. How can the baby like to eat?
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ingredient details
  • broccoli 20 grams 20 grams
  • ]

  • Yam 20 grams
  • Beef 30 grams
Original flavor Taste

  • Ten minutes time consumption
  • Simple difficulty

Jereal yam beef puree

  • ] 6个月宝宝辅食:西兰花山药牛肉泥的做法步骤:1


    Prepare all ingredients, broccoli and beef are cooked, and yam is steamed.

  • 6个月宝宝辅食:西兰花山药牛肉泥的做法步骤:2


    All ingredients, cut small pieces and put them in a mixing cup.

  • 6个月宝宝辅食:西兰花山药牛肉泥的做法步骤:3

    Add some water to make mud. When it is about 7 months, you can directly process it into granules without mud. Just make it.

  • 6个月宝宝辅食:西兰花山药牛肉泥的做法步骤:4

    Put the fleshy meat mud into the poured rice paste.

  • 6个月宝宝辅食:西兰花山药牛肉泥的做法步骤:5

    Stir well to feed the baby to eat.

Is various vegetable mud and mud eaten alone or mixed?

You can, how do babies like and how to eat.

If you are not sure if your baby likes it, it can be made alone when making.

When feeding, give the baby to taste each food alone, and then mix it to see the baby’s response.

Eat the meat mud alone, or eat with rice paste?

Various variety of vegetable mud can be eaten alone or with rice paste. How can the baby like to eat.

However, it is not good to eat vegetables and mud alone. The baby may prefer to be with rice paste. If the baby likes to eat alone, it is completely fine.

What should I add first after adding supplementary food?

There is no specific order to add supplementary food. Try to add all categories of food and vegetables and fruits in the first month.Add 1-2 types first, after all kinds of arrangements are complete, then slowly enrich the ingredients.

Other monthly recipes, you can pay attention to the public account, order the mother to supplement, and there are many simple and fast recipes, and the daily menu recommendation.