The practice of big pieces of beef in Xiangxi_ [Xiangxi Big Big Beef] -The Mid -Autumn Festival feast, good vegetables in the Mid -Autumn Festival

\”Heart Blue Hand Made in Private Food [Xiangxi Big Beef] -This years are slower

These days have met a lot of new friends through the Internet. Everyone communicates with each other because of food. Several girls are very impressive. It is not because of the face of face, but because they all have one thing in common. Dad has died for many years. The reason why they found Xinlan is because Xinlan made a few of their dads the most There are braised pork, pink steamed meat, and three cups of chicken … Let them touch the scenery. During words, the affection between a father and daughter is scattered, and the thought of the father of heaven has shocked the heart. Can’t calm down, pick up the phone to make a phone call, and the familiar call came from the handset: \”Ding Ding Dang\”. This is my nickname. In this world, only the dad can call the nickname. Unconscious tears slipped over面庞,是一种感动的宣泄。无论我年龄多大,走得多远,在父亲眼里,我永远是那个淘气的孩纸,那个他的叮叮当。无论受到多大委屈,无论受到什么挫折,只要When I heard my father’s call, everything was light and light.
The father’s body was healthy. Although he was over sixty years old, he was full of red light, walking with wind, loud voice, optimistic and cheerful, except for the white hair color. It looks more spiritually better than a young guy. Compared with those netizens, I am happy. In them, I see the sadness of \”the tree is quiet and the wind is more windy, and the son wants to raise it.\” The helpless sadness is a kind of regret sorrow, a sadness that cannot be healed in a lifetime.
From the moment we are born, we are destined to enjoy my father’s selfless love for a lifetime. Since I remember, my father is always laughing in my impression, and it is necessary to respond. The father I want will buy me quietly regardless of my mother’s opposition. Extremely surprise. The best way to eat, the best for me. When I was a kid, I liked to eat turtle skirts. My father once set a record of eating turtles for three months, so that my mother now wants to vomit. My father likes to eat beef, especially the kind of chewy beef, but the heart blue has been chewing the beef from a young age, so his father has never made the beef to eat …
Maybe this kind of doting numbness Perhaps the tolerance of the father, and the heart blue feels that all this is taken for granted. As he grows, he is tired of his father’s care, mother -in -law’s ding. The rebellion. The father did not blame the blue, as always, cared the \”Ding Ding Ding\” in his eyes, and repeated a few words \”啰\” day after day. ] Finally, I went to college, left the city who had lived for more than ten years, met countless new friends, and had a monthly living expenses that could be freely controlled at hand. I got rid of my father’s loving eyes. It’s so beautiful.There is no restraint of indulgence carnival. As a result, you can imagine that life is messy, dirty clothes accumulate like mountains, the bedrooms are messy, dark circles are getting deeper … In the early morning of the day, when you come back overnight, when you enter the door, you can see his father dragging his blessed body. , Squat on the ground, wash my clothes, see me back, pointing at the Soy milk spring rolls that spray the incense on the table: \”Pour and eat hot breakfast, don’t delay class.\” I spent the morning in panic. I do n’t know what kind of wind and rain is waiting for me. I grind back to the bedroom step by step. My father has sorted out my dog’s nest -like bed: \”Ding Ding Dang, Dad takes you to eat well. , Haha. \”That’s it. I took a car overnight to see my father took a rich meal with a game of overnight games. , Do n’t do your youth of your youth. ”I cried …
In this way, the years pass through the water …
Xinlan has been wandering outside, Shenzhen, Hefei, leaving a lonely back. No matter how far, my father will come to see me in the first year, look at the environment of my work, look at the house I live, ask me to have a big meal, help me organize the room, leave a few words that I can go back, and reluctantly leave. On the eve of my birthday every year, my father always EMS is wrapped in an EMS, a few my favorite cigarettes, dozens of packs of my favorite betel nut … One phone number every week, a few words that repeat tens of thousands of times, never stop … …
Today, my father is old. Although he is mentally healthy, it is not as good as before. The hair is pale, and the back of the back is slightly camel, and even the favorite little wine will no longer drink it because of cirrhosis. Although I was in a good spirit, when I was alone, I could feel his mourning sorrow. Now on which the other is, I have been used to greetings once a week, and the time for calling is getting longer and longer …
Father, your horns are unknowingly revealed white hair, carrying heavy care of my care of me ; The wrinkles added by the corner of your eyes recorded the scars that loved me. Thank you, you support our home with the spine that is no longer upright, and you block my storm with a not wide shoulder. I know that no one can stop the time of time. I know, no matter what I pay, I can’t change your aging. I only pray for the sky, the years are slower, don’t let you get older … The son grows up, can cook, the son made you your favorite beef. The chewy beef dedicated to you, my father …
Just like the chopstick brothers chanting: \”Am I your pride, are you still worried about me? The child you care about, grow up … … Dad who is strong in my life, what can I do for you, take the insignificant concern to accept it … \”
May the father in the world, and the dad of heaven, everything is good, healthy and happy.
Chu Renxin Lan Han Han charged with tears. \”

The details of the ingredient


  • 500g

Auxiliary materials

Dry peppers

A moderate amount

  • Qinghang Jiao A moderate amount
  • Old brine 1000ml
  • ingredients




  • 4g MSG
  • 2g

  • ] Steamed fish soy sauce 4ml
  • Barbecue powder 5g

spice powder

A moderate amount

  • ]

slightly spicy flavor

    Stir -fried process

  • Ten minutes takes time
    High -level difficulty 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:1

  • ]
    Step of the practice of large pieces of beef in Xiangxi 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:2

  • 1

  • Beef the surface of the surface, washed, washed, washed To be available

  • 2

  • Boil water in the pot, add ginger slices, two pot heads, and the whole piece of beef flies water [123 ]


  • The beef flying through the water to change the sword to grow strips

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:5 [

    [ 123]


  • The old brine is boiled, appropriately increase the spice, homemade spice powder and seasonings, and change the beef of the knife for 40 minutes

  • [123 ] 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:6


    beef soaked in brine for 3 hours

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:7

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:8
    ] 6

    Qinghang pepper cut circles, ginger and garlic cut rice, dried pepper cut segments

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:9
    Beef against the lines of the lines

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:10 8

    Sit a large oil in the pot, run the oil to the surface to scorch, fish Waiting for Drive Oil

  • 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:11 9

    Take the oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic rice dried pepper to sauté

  • MSG, stir -fry for 2 hours 【湘西大块牛肉】——中秋盛宴,下酒好菜的做法步骤:12


  • Lower beef tablets, stir -fry for 2 minutes

] 12 Steaming steamed fish soy sauce, homemade barbecue powder, stir -fry evenly to produce the fragrant, you can get it [ 123] Tips Rory Bar: 1. Cut the pigs with horizontal cut beef, cut the meat pattern when the knife is changed for the first time Cut the beef tendon road 2. The whole piece of water of the beef is changed to prevent the knife from being changed when the water is not flying. Good beef is soaked in brine, it will add more flavor 4. Running beef running oil before fried, which can make the surface of the beef form a hard shell, more fragrant color and more attractive 5. Brine originally available in the brine. Taste, so when fried Qing Hangzhou pepper, season it alone. The beef is added to the pot. You only need to sprinkle the steamed fish soy sauce and the self -made barbecue powder to add flavor. 6. Red, the edges are scorched black