The practice of beef sauce_ a spoonful of flavor, the beef sauce of the beef is here


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\”Spicy beef sauce, there is it on the dinner table, you can Instantly, appetite is bursting, mixing rice, steamed buns, mixed noodles, delicious and versatile, how to eat it is very fragrant. When you don’t want to cook, you can take it out. Mix rice or noodles. Rest assured, every spoonful of sauce is real beef, which is very enjoyable. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients

    Minced beef

  • 300g
  • shiitake mushroom

  • 100 grams

Auxiliary material

Candy crushed

    10 grams

  • Tsuckle Noodles 3 grams
  • garlic 8 petals
  • Water volume 400 ml
  • Ginger
  • Seasoning [ 123]


80 ml

Xiangqi Sauce

  • Cumin [123 ] 5 grams
  • slightly spicy flavor

  • Stir -frying process Half hours of time

] Advanced difficulty

    The practice of beef sauce

  • 1
  • ] Wash the mushrooms and remove the root pipe, cut into small diced, and cut the ginger and garlic.

  • 2 一勺提味,拌啥都香的牛肉酱来了的做法步骤:1 Pour oil in the pot, put ginger, garlic, beef, shiitake mushrooms, and other seasonings and water; Cover the pot and start the [dry pot] function.

  • 3 一勺提味,拌啥都香的牛肉酱来了的做法步骤:2 After the cooking is over, stir the ingredients in the pot evenly.


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