The practice of beef jerky

\”Beef jerky is the favorite of countless people,
I’m no exception,
Seeing beef jerky can’t move your legs,
But every time you see the red color of the beef jerky sold in the supermarket, [[[[[[[[
123] Add the long string of additives behind the ingredient table,
There is also a label that many people do not pay attention to,
That is the sodium content of some beef jerky,
Think about it or yourself yourself Do it,
I often make beef jerky,
Because it is really delicious,
Buy outside and say no health problems,
The taste is not as good as I do it myself,
Because I made myself Suitable for your own taste,
I have made the bread machine version before,
also made the oven version,
also use the pot to fry the pot directly.
is actually not as good as the microwave oven version I want to share today.
This is the simplest and fastest.
After doing it once with a microwave oven,
I never want to use other kitchenware to make beef jerky.
is really good,
Dear friends Also try it ….. \”

ingredients details
  • Beef [beef [ 123] 1500 grams
  • Cooked white sesame

  • 50 grams



[ 123]

    oil spicy

  • 150 grams
  • pepper powder

  • 30 grams Cumin powder
  • 30 grams

  • [ [ 123] Salt
  • 15 grams

  • Ginger
  • A piece

  • Section
  • octagonal [ 123] Three
  • Xiangye Three tablets
  • Port
  • cooking wine

  • A moderate amount [123 ]
  • Spicy flavor

Baked process

Time time of three engraving bells

Simple difficulty


  • The step of beef jerky


Prepare raw materials.
  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:1

    Beef into large pieces.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:2

    Ginger cut into slices and green onions.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:3


    Beef cold water into the pot, add ginger, green onion, star anise, fragrant leaf, cinnamon and appropriate amount Go to the floating foam, cook the beef, don’t cook for a long time.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:4


    Beef is cut into strips.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:5


    Add oil -spicy, pepper powder, cumin powder, cooked white sesame and mix well.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:6 7

    Put in the microwave oven high fire for 4 minutes, then turn it over with chopstick Turn it over again for 2 minutes, for 8 minutes.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:7 8

    Take it out of the microwave and sprinkle with salt and mix well. (Add salt to reduce the amount of salt. Finally, add salt on the surface of beef jerky. It feels salty without a lot of salt. If you add it with peppers, you need to add a lot of salt to feel the salt flavor. )

  • 9 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:8 finished map.

  • 10
    finished map. 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:9

  • 11

  • finished map.


  • finished map.

  • 最简单省事的牛肉干--微波炉版牛肉干的做法步骤:11

    1. Cut the beef without red blood water. To determine according to the characteristics of your own microwave oven and the size of the cut beef bar, set less time first, pay attention to observation, there are a lot of oil on the surface of the beef when the bake is released. It is easy to dry jerky in the microwave oven, remember the time of time;

    3. If there is no oil and spicy spicy seeds, you can use pepper powder and vegetable oil to instead.


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