The practice of beef grilled shrimp sparrow eggs_ 【Golden beef and iron brother】 — \”Beef grilled shrimp and sprinter egg\”

\”[Golden Bean Tie Brother] —\” Beef Roasted Shrimp Radak \”(Creative Named on November 25)
[Golden Bean Tie Brother] The series of dishes is created by children and youth men’s athletes. Configuration, strong hue, thick texture, rich zinc, iron, protein, etc., are nutritional elements and preferences of athletes.
Cooking method introduction:
Bake red oil in the hot oil oil in hot oil, and bake cooked shrimp for later use;
2. Quail eggs are cooked to remove the shell, fry it into the pan until golden is made into a ‘tiger -skinned quail egg’ for later use;
3. The beef is boiled in water to solidify the surface protein, remove the blood water and wash it;
4. After the onion, ginger slices are filled with prawn red oil cookers, add beef, cooking wine, old soy sauce, and spiced powder to stir -fry, and then add, add to join Boil in full amount of water for about 10 minutes. When the soup is flavored, add tiger -skinned quail eggs, cover the lid and simmer for about 20 minutes, and simmer the meat. When thick, soak the shrimp in the soup, bake it with a fire for about 10 minutes, seep the shrimp, and taste the soup. Then, take out the shrimp to wrap the side of the plate, put the beef in the plate, and then, then, in the plate, in the plate, and then, at the center of the plate, and then, at the center of the plate, and then, at the center of the plate, and then, at the center of the plate, and then, at the center of the plate. Put the quail tiger eggs between the shrimp and the beef;
5. Finally, put the sauce in the pot and pour it into the table to eat. The structure is simple, the color is golden and rosy. It is particularly attractive under the decoration of the best partner coriander of the beef. The dish name is appropriate, the nutrition is reasonable, the taste is very unique, and the hot and cold can be edible. Long Weixiong winds! \”

ingredient details


1000g [1000g [1000g [ 123]


  • 20
  • Quail egg

  • 20
  • onion

  • 50g [123 ]
  • Auxiliary materials


1 tablet

Water starch

A moderate amount

  • ingredients
  • Salt
  • casual flavor

Old Sanda


cooking wine


  • A little
  • White granulated sugar Sui Taste
  • Wuxiang Powder 3G
  • Chenpi A little
  • MSG casual flavor
  • Zanthol oil

  • 30ml
  • ] Salted and fresh flavor

Burning process

Three -person bell time consumption

High -level difficulty

  • Beef Step of the practice of grilled shrimp and springs


Wash bee Essence

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:1


    After the shrimp salt water invaded for 20 minutes, wash it with water, and then use scissors at the shrimp head on the shrimp head. , Cut the shrimp grab, shrimp and stomach sac at 45 degrees.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:2


    If the shrimp stomach sac is not cleaned, you can use scissors, but the shrimp must be left, but Because shrimp yellow can boil more shrimp and red oil;

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:3 4

    Cut off the shrimp and stomach sac, the shrimp, No need to wash water.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:4 5

    The onion is cut into small pieces and washed with water.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:5 6

    Quail eggs werehed with water and washed the shell.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:6 7

    Cut the ginger with a large piece and pat it with a knife, at least in the side dishes with the processed ingredients spare. (Note: The ingredients code is to facilitate the order order in the cooking process)

  • 8 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:7 Add full water to put water in the pot. After entering the right amount of salt, add the washed quail egg.

  • 9 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:8 Steamed the quail egg over the water pot.

  • 10 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:9 After the quail egg is steamed, pick up the egg with a hedge and cool it with cold water in time to make it make it it with cold water to make it them to make them cool to make them make it. Disposal and expansion coefficients of eggshells and internal contraction and expansion coefficients are prolapsed.

  • 11 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:10 After the quail egg was washed with cold water to the outside to cool, the invaded in cold water and gradually cooled it inside. For the shell.

  • 12 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:11 After the quail egg is completely cooled, peel off the egg shell.

  • 13 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:12 Select the pot of suitable size and add an appropriate amount of peanut oil.

  • 14 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:13 When the oil temperature rises to about 150 degrees, put it into the processed quail eggs.

  • 15 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:14 After the quail egg is added, if the peanut oil is too small, it can rotate the oil pan and make the quail egg fried evenly.

  • 16 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:15 The oil temperature should be constant during the frying process, and the quail eggs can be frying into light golden wrinkles. (Note: The transitional transition of the protein is harmful to health!)

  • 17
    Add a sufficient amount of water to the pot, boil it with a high fire, boil it with a high fire and boil it with a high fire. Essence 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:16

  • 18
    After boiling, add the processed beef pieces. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:17

  • 19
    After the beef was put into the pot, it was turned over in time to make the beef surface protein uniform and removed blood. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:18

  • 20
    After the beef surface protein is solidified and uniform, removes blood and removes blood, and the meat is discolored. Rinse cold water. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:19

  • 21
    Invading the beef beef in the water for later use. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:20

  • 22
    Pour the appropriate amount of olive oil in the pot, add ginger, and put the prawns in the pot. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:21

  • 23
    Slowly boil with the fire, boil the shrimp red oil, and boil the shrimp until the two sides of the golden red. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:22

  • 24
    will be boiled until it becomes golden -red prawns for later use. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:23

  • 25
    After the prawns in the pot are heated, add onion and fragrant. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:24

  • 26
    After the onion is fried, add the processed beef pieces. 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:25

  • 27
    After the beef was stir -fry for a while, add an appropriate amount of tension and spiced powder to stir -fry the aroma. (Note: The spice can dissolve the aromatic oil only at high temperature) 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:26

  • 28

  • After the cooking wine, stir -fry the vinegar for a while and add a sufficient amount of old sauce.

  • 29

  • After the old soy sauce is involved, stir fry with a spatula to make the beef uniformly color.

  • 30

  • After the beef is uniform, add a sufficient amount of water at one time.

  • 31

  • Cover the pot with a large fire for about 5 minutes.

  • 32

  • After burning the beef to shrink, add an appropriate amount of fine salt to season.

  • 33

  • Turn the beef into the stew pot with a suitable size. (The purpose of turning the pot is: 1. The small soup is concentrated, and the ingredients can be completely invaded.


  • Cover the pot, simmer for a while with low heat, and dissolve the beef flavor.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:33


  • After the beef is delicious, add the ‘tiger -skinned quail egg’.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:34


  • After the lid is opened and boiled, switch to the fire and simmer for about 20 minutes.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:35


  • When the beef cooked soup is fragrant, add the processed prawns.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:36


    After adding the prawns Completely invaded in the fragrant juice.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:37


    After covering the lid, use textStew on the fire for about 10 minutes to dissolve the freshness of the prawns, and the beef penetrated into the prawns.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:38


    After the fresh flavor of beef, prawn, quail eggs is strong, turn the ingredients into the large pot and add it Stir -fried, seasoned, and juice.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:39


    When the juice of \”Beef Roasted Shrimp Radak\” is strong, sprinkle the appropriate amount of green onion.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:40


    Stir -fry the onion flowers evenly, use high fire to collect the juice, season, and leave sufficient amount of juice. You can install it. (Note: \”Beef Roasted Shrimp Radio Ovar\” is eaten when leaving juice, which is convenient for family members to use ‘beef -grilled shrimp and springs’ plus ‘white rice’ to make \”Beef Roasted Shrimp Skin Cover\”. Do not make ‘cover rice’ without thickening, just collect the soup.)

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:41

    \”Beef \”Baked shrimp and sparrow eggs\” due to the banquet operation of the banquet:

    \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; take out the shrimp to wrap the edge of the plate, put the beef in the plate, and then put the quail tiger eggs between the prawns and the beef. The sauce in the pot, pour it in the plate to serve.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:42

    The finished icon 1 of \”Beef Grilled Shrimp Radio\” dishes.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:43

    The finished icon 2 of the \”Beef Grilled Shrimp\” dishes.

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:44


    \”Beef Grilled Shrimp Radio Egg\”

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:45


    \”Beef Grilled Shrimp Radio Ovar\”

  • 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:46


    The production of \”Beef Grilled Shrimp Radio Egg Cover\”:

    \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; A small bowl of white rice is buckled on the side of the plate, and then poured \”Beef Roasted Shrimp and Halogee Eggs\” together with the delicious and rich sauce and pour on the white rice.

  • Tips 【金牛铁哥】---《牛肉烤虾卤雀卵》的做法步骤:47

    Warm reminder:

    Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to the human body needs, which can improve the body’s disease resistance ability It is appropriate for those who have replenished blood loss and repair tissue after growth, postoperative, and post -illness.Eating beef in the cold winter has the effect of warming the stomach and replenishing benefits for the cold winter.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that beef has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strong bones, phlegm, and thirst.

    Special Tips:

    People with infectious diseases, liver disease, and kidney disease are cautious; oyster is a hair product, and those who have eczema, acne, and itching are used with caution.