The practice of beef fan green vegetable soup


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]



  • 100g
  • 150g [
  • [

  • [ [ [
  • [

  • 123] Beef Decoction Affairs
Auxiliary material


  • A moderate amount
  • Pepper

  • Affairs
  • Ginger

  • Three onions
  • ] Swear
  • A little

Salted fresh flavor

cooking process

  • Ten minutes in ten minutes Time
  • Simple difficulty
  • The practice of beef fan green vegetable soup
  • 1
    Prepare the ingredients, stewed beef and soup, add it to the pot and cook for ten minutes, remove the beef, sliced \u200b\u200band sliced \u200b\u200b牛肉粉丝青菜汤的做法步骤:1

  • 2

  • After adding ginger to cooking in the soup, add the washed fans and greens, add cut beef slices after two minutes

  • ]

    Finally, add salt, soy sauce and black pepper to the pan

Tips [123 ]

1. Beef and soup can be prepared in advance. Add ginger when stewed beef. Onion, star anise and a little cooking wine, stew for about an hour. Cook the original soup with beef will be delicious, the original flavor.

2. The beef puts the refrigerator and is more likely to cut slices after refrigerating. I have a texture with a thickened point, so I cut it directly, haha \u200b\u200b


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