The practice of beef cake burger

\”A lot of mothers say that they are very old and difficult to bite for their children.
Let’s make a beef cake that must be bite today.
There are a few tips that can make the beef make tender and easy Bite.
Of course, choosing a good beef is also very important, and then the processing method. We chop the beef and add oil, starch, egg liquid, stir, and the beef that has been treated will be much tender because we fried steaks. It will become very old for a long time, but it is difficult for many mothers to grasp the time in the right time, then we can try this beef cake,
and two pieces of bread in seconds into sandwiches! Is it super simple? What? \”

ingredients details

  • 50g
  • ]


Two pieces

egg liquid


  • Accessories
  • Starch


Botanical oil


  • Original flavor Taste

  • Fry crafts

Half -hour time consumption

Ordinary difficulty

  • The method of beef cake burger


  • 1 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:2 Chopped all the beef with the laala artifact. The meat grinding machine is too dirty. I ’m buying a frozen independent vacuum -packed M5 steak. The snowflakes are uniform stepped and the beef tastes good.

  • 2 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:3 Put the egg liquid and corn starch into the beef and mix well.

  • 3 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:4 It is also important to add vegetable oil, which can make the beef feel tender.

  • 4 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:5 Stir with chopsticks clockwise for 1-2 minutes and stir it.

  • 5 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:6 Put the meat into meat cake with your hands.

  • 6 10个月以上辅食牛肉饼汉堡的做法步骤:7 A little oil in the pan and small heat in the pan until golden on both sides.


Because of this meat cake thick, add a little water to cook and cook through the child to eat all cooked beef.

Tips 1. There are grams in proportion. 2. Beef selection is also very important. 3. You can also taste it with some onions in beef cakes.


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