The practice of beef bean beef beef pepper and pickles


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\”Super meals stewed from beef and bean horn peppers, You can also add some small potatoes. Very delicious \”
ingredient details
Main ingredients

  • Beef 500g
  • Bean Bean Horn 500g
  • Chili

  • 100g

[ 123] Accessories

Soy sauce

2 spoons

  • Old sauce 1 spoon
  • oyster sauce

  • 1 spoon
  • octagonal

  • 1
  • Onion

  • A little Ginger
  • A little [123 ]

  • Garlic A little
  • white sugar 1 spoon
  • salt A moderate amount
  • Chicken Essence a little
  • slightly spicy flavor

  • stewing process half an hour consumption

Ordinary difficulty

    The practice of beef bean -bean -horn peppers and pickles

  • 1 [ 123] Cut the beef beef, cut 10 cm segments of the bean beans, wash the peppers and set aside


Section of the green onion, shredded ginger. Garlic sliced \u200b\u200b

  • 3

    Put the oil in the pan, put on the onion ginger garlic octagonal sauté, put the beef strip, stir fry and stir fry Will be put in soy sauce, oil consumption, old soy sauce, sugar, continue to stir fry.

  • 4

    放入豇豆角,辣椒,放入盐,加入水,水要放多点,炖半小时,放You can get out of the pan for chicken essence

  • Tips

    Put of pepper is put in, you can also add a little potato, forget to take pictures, everyone can read words, you can read the words Essence


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