The practice of baked chicken

\”Shopping task#“ “#“ ““ “要“ 学 学 学 学 is actually lazy law \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients


  • One

Auxiliary materials

Da material

A moderate amount

  • Ginger tablets A moderate amount
  • Mushroom

slightly spicy flavor

Pickled process

    A few hours of time

  • Simple difficulty
  • Baked chicken Practice step

    The whole chicken was bought and washed and massaged. Oops, this chicken is treated better than me. Someone massage

  • 2

    After the chickens are comfortable, it is those who usually pickle meat The big ingredients are added with an appropriate amount of fuel consumption and soy sauce (this amount is grasped, because the taste is different, the taste is different) and the rock sugar is marinated. Essence If you want to marinate for a long time, do these lives at night. Only the next day to be lazy.

  • 3

    Picked out yesterday’s pickled chicken out of the big material. Then cut N -piece ginger shiitake mushrooms. Put a layer of thick ginger slices in the pressure cooker, and then a layer of shiitake mushrooms. Then put the whole chicken in (don’t put a drop of water), and then cover the lid to connect the power and press the meat key to open it.

  • Tips

    After the chicken is washed, you must massage the relatives who like to massage.


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