The practice of a thin cicada wing cake_How to make the Spring cake of the thin cicada wing


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\”Today is the beginning of the spring, the spring returns to the spring back, The earth, the recovery of all things.

Today’s sunlight is also bright. I went to the market early to buy mung bean sprouts and leeks. These two are the meaning of the beginning of spring, stir -fry together, and then use the cicada wings of spring cake rolls. Get up, the fragrance of leeks and the crispy of the mung bean sprouts make spring overflow on the tip of the tongue. \”

ingredients details


[ 123]
Middle tendon powder


  • Shimizu
  • Auxiliary material

Mung bean sprouts


  • Leek 80g
  • Tudou

  • 1
  • Onion

  • 1
  • beef

  • 50g

Steaming process

Half -hour time consumption

    Simple difficulty

  • The method of the spring cake of thin cicada wings


Mixed flour and clear water into a dough.

  • 薄如蝉翼的春饼的做法步骤:1


    knead into a smooth dough, cover the plastic wrap to relax for 30-60 minutes.

  • 薄如蝉翼的春饼的做法步骤:2


    Take out the loose dough, knead it evenly, rub the growth strips, and then cut into small doses one by one. Zi, just like dumplings.

  • 薄如蝉翼的春饼的做法步骤:3

    Take a dose into a thin round piece

  • [ 123]

    Boil the water in the pot, put it with a steamer, put the round sheet rolled into a steamer, cover the lid to medium heat, then roll down again After rolling, do not remove the cake in the steamer, put the second cake directly, finish it in order, and steam for two minutes to turn off the heat.

  • 薄如蝉翼的春饼的做法步骤:5


    Husbands of the sacrifice cakes have been made well: leek fried mung bean sprouts, stir -fried potato shreds, and beef fried beef.Roll up and eat.

  • Tips
    薄如蝉翼的春饼的做法步骤:6 1. The size of the noodle cake is determined according to its own steamer size.

    2. It is necessary to stick to the warm water and noodles, but it will be sticky, but it will be fine after kneading for a few minutes.

    3, the catbread can be matched according to what you like.

    4. Roll as thin as the noodle cake.


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