The practice of a bowl of chicken

\”Rough tea light rice is the most raised,
is bland is true.
Record every bit of life! Family version of chicken, what is the use of the family, you can add hot pot bottom or buy it directly or buy it directly. Blind chicken seasoning 12 \”

ingredient details
  • Chicken Half Half
  • Half

  • Half 123]
  • Beef


Auxiliary material

  • broccol 123] 100g
  • kelp 50g
  • Tofu skin 1
  • Quail egg 12 123]
  • Ginger 3 pieces


Plant oil [ 123] 20g

  • salt 10g
  • octagonal 3
  • 2
  • Cumin 2g
  • pepper
  • Grass fruit

  • ] Xiangye 1


3 spoons

  • 1 spoon
  • [ 123]

  • Spicy flavor

Cooking process

One hour consumption
Difficulty of God

  • 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:1 The practice of the bowl of chicken

  • 1 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:2 Chicken half of the chicken into large pieces and add water and put it in water. Season with salt.

  • 2 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:3 octagonal, cinnamon, pepper pepper, fragrant leaves, cumin, fennel, grass fruit, custard

  • 3 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:4 All spices+ginger slices, tighten the high pressure cooker with gauze.

  • 4 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:5 Boil the fire on the high heat, skim the foam, cover the lid, Don’t put the pressure cooker, simmer for 30 minutes on low heat.

  • 5 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:6 Put the octagonal oil, cinnamon, peppercorns, grass fruit, shallots, slowly fried fragrance, Fry until the onion is broccorated and remove the spices and set aside.

  • 6 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:7 Chili powder+white cooked sesame, mix well.

  • 7 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:8 The boiled spice oil is divided into a little bit of the pepper, pour it once, and stir it once until the peppers change color. Just then pour all oil in the end.

  • 8 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:9 The boiled chicken soup, season with salt, cool the stewed chicken, tear into pieces, skewers Forgot to take pictures.

  • 9 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:10 Add chili oil, raw soy sauce, and stir well.

  • 10 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:11 Put the salt and vegetable oil in the water, and put all the vegetables one by one water.

  • 11 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:12 The vegetables used in boiling water for one minute, remove the ice water and soak in the ice water, keep green, and taste good.

  • 12 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:13 Beef is beyond 30 seconds.

  • 13 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:14 Tofu skin beyond water.

  • 14 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:15 All handled ingredients are soaked in chicken soup.

  • 15 钵钵鸡的做法步骤:16 Twenty minutes.


with the fried watermelon juice and beer beautiful!


1. What are the spices and ingredients in the home, what are the troublesome, you can buy a halogen bag. 2. This is a family version of chicken. The taste is not particularly strong. You can add hot pot bottoms with heavy taste. 3, the vegetables are first of water, and then baked the amaranth. After the vegetables, the vegetables are soaked in ice water. Soak in the ice water. 4. Soak all ingredients for 1-2 hours, add moretaste.