The method of yellow pepper beef cup_Baby nutrition meal yellow pepper beef cup_How to make yellow pepper beef cup


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\”There are many fresh peas on the market now, for eating After a winter frozen pea, I saw the fresh pea’s two eyes straight (⊙o⊙) small, super tender, wanted to stew, stir -fry, cook, and eat all kinds of like to eat!
Pea nutrition is very high, which is conducive to the development of bones and brain of the baby. Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to the human body’s needs, which can improve the body’s disease resistance. It is particularly suitable for repairing organizations and other aspects. It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing the spleen and stomach.
Color pepper has the effects of preventing colds and promoting blood circulation. With vegetable beans, nutrition is more comprehensive. \”
ingredients details
  • Beef [ 123] 50 grams
  • Yellow Pepper

  • A
  • Pea

  • 30 grams corn
  • 30 grams [ 123]

  • Carrot Half
  • Auxiliary material

Lemon [ 123] One

raw powder

    1 spoon

  • Salt

  • Original flavor
  • Stir -fried process
  • Half an hour consumption
  • Simple difficulty

The practice of yellow pepper beef cup Step

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:1


    Cut the yellow pepper from 1/3 and remove the middle seeds.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:2


    The yellow pepper is steaming on the heat for 5 minutes. Grapefruit mother: this yellow pepper bowl, see how you want to eat it in the end, steam for 5 minutes, waiting for the baby to finish, the mother eats it coldly. Want to eat it for your baby and steam for another 5 minutes.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:3


    Cut the beef into small diced, add 1 less raw powder (turning tender), a piece of lemon juice squeezed (go to go (go to go Fish), pickled for a while.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:4


    Pea, corn washed. Heat the water, simmer the pea and corn for 1 minute, and remove it for later use.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:5


    Heat the pan in the wok and fry the beef diced until the color is changed.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:6


    Pour the vegetables and stir -fry evenly, add less water, add a little salt out of the pan.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:7


    Put the fried beef and vegetable diced into a yellow pepper bowl.

  • 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:8 8

    It is so fragrant and seductive ~~

  • 9 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:9 Pinch a few rice balls. Grapefruit mom’s rice is rice+millet+linen seeds. You can also cut some crushed seaweed, add some broken egg skin to rub into a ball.

  • 10 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:10 Pressing a few radish flowers, inserted into the radish flower with a toothpick.

  • 11 宝宝营养餐黄椒牛肉盅的做法步骤:11 Insert the rice ball. The baby is moving, remember to remove the toothpick. This kind of meal is perfect for another vegetable soup.


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