The method of thousands of leek stir -fried meat -delicious dishes -Thousands of leek fried shredded pork -how to make it


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\”One meal will be here every day. Thousands of leek stir -fried shredded pork, I hope everyone likes it. \”

The main ingredients

Qian Zhang [ 123] A moderate amount

  • Leek A moderate amount
  • Pork
  • Auxiliary materials

A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • ingredients


A moderate amount


A moderate amount

  • Chicken Essence [ 123] Affairs
  • Peanut Oil Affairs
  • Affairs
  • [ 123] Salted and fresh flavor
  • Fried process Timmer time takes time

  • 1

Treat the leeks clean, wash it, and then cut the top of the leeks a small section.

  • 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:1 2

    Wash the thousands of (tofu skin) and cut it.

  • 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:2 3

    Shred pork, put it in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce Essence

  • 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:3 4

    Boil water in the pot, add an appropriate amount of octagonal to boil.

  • 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:4 5

    Pour thousands of silk simmered, drain with a colander and remove it. (Thousands of stir -fry will not be very hard, the taste is very good, and it is easy to taste)

  • 6 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:5 Hot pot Hot oil, pour in ginger, minced garlic savory, Pour in the marinated pork fried.

  • 7 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:6 Pour the thousands of silk silk quickly stir fry, add an appropriate amount of raw soy saucestand-by.

  • 8 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:7 Pour the appropriate amount of peanut oil in the original pot, pour in leeks and stir -fry.

  • 9 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:8 Then pour more than thousands of shredded pork into quickly stir fry.

  • 10 美味佳肴——千张韭菜炒肉丝的做法步骤:9 Then add an appropriate amount of refined salt, chicken essence and stir -fry the taste to turn off the fire.


  • Add a thousand pieces of boiled water boiled in the octagonal.Stretching the pan is easier to taste.


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