The method of the shepherds


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When the best food is the only food, the shepherd is the only food on the list in the UK, and it also ranks 15th. Milk, red wine. Baili Xiang is used up, I put a rosemary (practice proves that it still wants Baili). As for red wine, it is actually necessary to put in the beef filling, but the child has to do homework after eating Drink it directly. Put the beef, diced onion tomatoes, butter savage onion, stir -fry with beef tomatoes, add red wine, black pepper, tomato sauce, stewed for half an hour after boiling with Baili. Black pepper powder, a little salt, milk stirred into potatoes. The meat sauce is boiled and added to the baking sheet to compacted, paved potatoes on it, and picked out the texture with a fork. The delicious beef filling, with the scorched and smooth potato puree, each bite is a 100 -point satisfaction \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

    200 grams

  • Tudou 2
  • Onion 1 ]
  • Tomato 2
  • Auxiliary material

tomato sauce [ 123] A small amount


A small amount

  • Milk A small amount
  • Red wine

  • Affairs
  • ]

  • Black Pepper A small
  • Baili Xiang A small amount
  • Sweet and sour flavor [123
  • ]

  • Frying process One hour takes time

Advanced difficulty

  • [123 ]

  • 1

Peel the potatoes, cut the beef into meat, the tomato onion cut the potatoes and steamed it, and stir -fry the onion and tomatoes. Put the minced meat and tomato sauce red wine for half an hour

  • 2 牧羊人派的做法步骤:1 After the potatoes are steamedMilk, black pepper, stir -fry meat filling test plate, launch potatoes on it, draw the texture with a fork, put the oven

  • 牧羊人派的做法步骤:2

  • ] 3 牧羊人派的做法步骤:3 Preheat the oven, half an hour up and down, the surface of the potato surface can be scorched


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