The method of the curry method cup


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\”I suddenly wanted to eat French bread these days, I wanted to do it on the weekend, but today I did n’t hold back. When I was at home at noon, I prepared the various raw materials of the bread at home, put it in the bread machine, used the reservation function, set the time, and just come back from work. At the end of the hair, you can perform plastic surgery. This time is great ~

I originally wanted to make this bread according to the standard stick method, but the moisture of the stick was too heavy, it was not good for plastic surgery, and it was not good for plastic surgery. I usually have to use the old noodles, so I have to give up. As for this formula, I have adjusted it myself with reference to the recipe of Zeng Meizi’s red wine bag. Change. When doing it, you are worried that the effect is not good. After all, the old noodles are not used, but the effect of the finished product is unexpectedly good. The skin is crispy and soft inside. !

If it is just an ordinary European bag, I still feel more monotonous. I have thought of seeing someone using the method of cup -shaped bread to soup with cream soup, and my inspiration erupts instantly. Since you can put cream soup, then you can put cream soup, then you can put cream soup. Then I can also put other things! So, today’s curry bag cup is born in a gorgeous birth !!! I give myself a great praise!

Since having this with this For the new bread machine, I have also studied a new trick to one -click bread. Take the wind bread program as an example: When I make a one -click bread, I know the observation records of the bread machine to perform each step. In this way, I can use the bread machine to complete one distribution directly, instead of always observing the state of the dough at different times, and directly enter the step of handmade plastic surgery. This will save my time when using one click to complete a large time. Let me do it into a relaxed thing. At the same time, for an office worker like me, I can make an appointment with a bread machine to make a handmade bread after work. It is really convenient. Today I am It is to put the ingredients at noon to the bread machine and reserve the time. The time is fully used!

So far, no longer nonsense, start bread production! \”

Ingredients details

Main ingredient ]



  • Salt
  • dry yeast 4g
  • Butter 15g
  • 辅料

  • 土豆适量




适量[ 123]


  • A moderate amount
  • Curry block

  • A moderate amount
  • Curry Taste
  • Burning process A few hours of time
  • Practice of ordinary difficulty
  • The method of the curry method cup



  • 1

  • 190g of water in the raw material of the fed Essence

    Put the high powder above the liquid, and then dig a small hole on the flour, put the dry yeast and place it In small caves, do not let yeast contact with liquid, this step is very important. Of course, if there is no need to make an appointment, the order of these raw materials is not particular.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:1


  • Place the bread bucket on the bread machine, select the program 2 \”Wind Bread\”, and then set it up. I need to complete it. At the time, press the start button, and the bread machine starts to make an appointment. If it is direct and noodles, no appointment time is required, then it is best to set the timer of the mobile phone and set it to observe the facade machine after one and a half hours.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:2


  • The bread machine is completed and exhausted. At this time, press the start button to stop working. Take out the bread bucket and buckle it on the chopping board, and the dough fell automatically on the chopping board. (This recipe is relatively sticky, you can apply some oil on the chopping board in advance, so that you will not stick your hands or stick it on the chopping board, and the plastic surgery is not stressful instantly.)

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:3


  • Gently stretch the dough a little, and after the thickness is evenly divided into 6 copies of the same size. (You can also be divided into 8 copies according to your favorite, and the size can be used freely.)

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:4


    Plastic surgery, round, put on the baking sheet paved with oil paper for secondary fermentation. Put a bowl of water in the oven to make the oven have a high humidity. Put the baking sheet into the oven to allow the dough to ferment in a wet environment. Two in the doughAt the same time as the second fermentation, start making curry

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:5

    After about 30 minutes, the dough is about 2 times the original to the original. Size, take out the dough, use a sieve to remove a thin layer of high powder on the dough, and use a knife to draw a cross on the dough (what you do not want to do at this step can be omitted, but there is some impact on the appearance, which does not affect the bread. The taste quality), then fermented for about 5 minutes. At this time, the oven preheat 170 degrees.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:6

    After the oven is preheated, put the dough in the oven, 170 degrees in the middle, 20 minutes. The lower layer is boiling water with a baked bowl to keep the humidity.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:7

    After 20 minutes, the bread is released! Intersection The color of the brewing is very good, the skin is slightly hard, it feels soft, and it is very flexible.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:8

    The internal organization is also quite soft, with the large hole unique to the method.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:9

    The curry can be made in advance, or you can simultaneously do it in the dough

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:10

    Cut the potatoes into small pieces with a length of less than 1 cm, which is easy to cook, and it is convenient to put it in the bread in the later steps. The onion and carrots are cut into granules with a length of less than 0.5 cm. Then get the oil into the pan, stir -fry the onion with hot oil, and the onion slightly soften, and put the potato pieces and carrots in the pan and stir fry.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:11

    Stir -fry the potatoes until slight After the curry block is cooked, stir -fry evenly, turn the lid of the small fire and continue to cook. In the process of cooking, add an appropriate amount according to the water situation, be careful not to focus on the pan. This time I used a total of 4 small pieces, and only 2 pieces were taken on the picture.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:12

    Cook until the potatoes are broken, but when it is not completely soft, put in the beef and continue cooking, continue to cook, Until the potatoes become soft and waxy, you can collect the juice. Because the curry block I use is enough, generally I don’t need to add other seasonings anymore. You can adjust according to your taste and curry taste.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:13

    about a quarterCut off the top, and then dig out the lower bread. Do not dig the wall of the cup cup too thin.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:14

    into the oven with the cover cup together, 160 degrees, about 6 minutes, as long as the outer skin is harder It can be released. Be careful not to bake for too long, then it will be hard, and the taste is not so good.

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:15

    The baked cup is slightly cool, put the cooked curry in the cup, and make great achievements! Intersection Intersection Hurry up and enjoy the deliciousness ~! Intersection

  • 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:16

    Bite a bite, softened outside incense, and the rich taste of curry, double stick ~!

  • Tips 咖喱法包盅——混搭出美味的做法步骤:17

    This curry method cup, which tastes the outer skin -specific wheat incense, the middle bread tissue absorbs some curry sauce, The taste is soft and chewy, let alone the deliciousness of curry. The overall taste is rich and layered. It is a fancy bread that can be used as a staple food.

    The content in the bread cup can be adjusted according to your favorite, compare some corn soup, mushroom cream soup, pumpkin soup, etc. As long as there are some soups and relatively sticky, you should be all should be. Can be matched. Of course, this bread is also very good.

    I use the PE6800 bread machine, which shows each step and time on the LCD screen. I have recorded it at this time, so I control this time. If the kneading method is done, as long as the dough reaches the extension stage (out of the film), it is fermented to 2.5 times the size.

  • Make this bread. It is not recommended to use milk with the liquid for noodles. Just cold water is good. Milk fermented stomachs will be more fine and not suitable for European bags.


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