The method of stunning large skewers barbecues


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[Heart blue hand -made private room [stunning large barbecue skewers ] ——The happiness of those wells

Old F invites, the top of the White Whale, the golden brilliant, the golden tableware is shining in the light, and the rice grain Yu Lianna has swayed in the bartender. Ambiguous red. The room is carrying a large terrace and a bird’s eye view of the city. The flow of traffic like a match box under the brilliant light makes people feel that this ancient city has gradually incorporated into the torrent of the market economy. , Busy and indifferent.
Old F is the VIP of rice grains, knows wine, and only drinks wine. He is busy, busy making money, busy making more money. Today is a business banquet. The daughter of the old F, Rice grain, and old F, I don’t know others. The banquet of Old F generally has rice grains to attend. The first rice grains can help him block a lot of alcohol, the second meter grain of wine Culture can hold on the spot. The third meter grain is a good -looking female companion. However, rice grains do not understand except for the other divine horses, so the old F also needs a box on the table. It is my flow. A thirty -year -old, baby face, long hair and hips, wearing new and elegant new Tang costumes, holding folding folding fans in hand, like a singer, it is a topic in itself, haha.
A vast vast The borderless idle, the food is served, the guest is seated, the table is full of luxury. In my eyes, these exquisite but less poor government dishes are only used to view and display. It is a stack of red paper. I don’t like this kind of banquet, because I always can’t eat enough, and always pay attention to whether there is any sauce traces that should not exist but exist in the sexy lips of the rice grains from time to time. The dining table is basically not used for dinner, it is a occasion for drinking and chatting. Of course, except for the rice grains that have no heart. Old F is the veteran in the mall. He always involves the business purpose of the banquet at the right time Most of the time he just talked about the days of the South China Sea, the vulgar and modern, and the borderless words made people completely pressure at all.
such a scene is very interesting. Laughing to cover up your ignorance, as if the air that continuously swallowed can fill his stomach. A beautiful woman in addition to touching a cup of drinking and introducing this red wine, all of which are used to get rid of their arms. A young girl is elegant elegant Taste the shallow tasting, and always integrate with a gentle smile with this luxurious background, making people completely elusive whether she can understand the elegant vulgar.
Yun has been old since childhood F is cultivated like a princess. The birth of bitterness, the childhood of bitterness, let the old F work hard. After the hair, he resolutely prevent his daughter from suffering. The old F told Yun that the prince likes the princess, and the Cinderella is just the poor comfort. My own fairy tales.In the luxurious big houses, she was surrounded by a group of teachers of all kinds of races, taught her various languages, distinguished dining table etiquette, and elegant clothing. She is like the princess on the pea in Andersen. Under the arrangement of Old F, she fell in love with a son -in -law who was born. The son was naturally full of joy, and felt that he had found the real princess. The nobles who could also perceive pea across the thick duck down and mattresses. She doesn’t like rice grains, and the kind of gobbling in her opinion is simply unreasonable.
After the meal, the old F will go to the cigar. I left this unwilling occasion with the pretext of sending a lady home. The rice grain was sitting on the co -pilot, took off the high heels and put on the human character, complaining that he was not full. In the rearview mirror, I saw a trace of disdain on Yun’s face.
\”Xinlan, parking! Carty!\” Mi Gry’s big voice was more excited than harsh brake sounds. As soon as the car stopped, the rice grain opened the door, pulled me rushing to the northeast barbecue gear on the road, throwing Yun alone in the car. \”Boss, two -handed mutton, two -handed beef, two -handed crispy bone, one grilled fish, a plate of boiled peanuts, two stinky tofu, one plate of cucumber, two boxes of beer, roasted iconic point.\” On the plastic stool, the corner of the white dress hanging down on the dirty ground, very conspicuous. I turned around, opened the door, and smiled apologize to the confused Yun: \”Yun, you didn’t eat it, or let’s eat it again, my stomach is screaming.\” Yun looked at it. The horrible camouflage stool, the chic fume dancing in the air, like a wolf -like shirtless man, did not squeak. From her frown, I knew her answer, but I couldn’t let her go. If she let her go home alone and something happened on the road, Lao F will divide me five horses. \”Then you wait for the rice grains in the car. She is like this. When you are hungry, you have to eat.\”
Back to the barbecue stall, the rice grains had begun to eat the sea and drink.
Barbecue Night Market is a kind of infinite lively, very infectious. No matter who it is, in it, it will be unconditionally conquered by the city’s well, simple, civilian, and pure lively. Both men or women are very relaxed. The men drank the wine lively, without you pushing me to obstruction, no rhapsium, without me to respect you, it was just a toast between the simplest and most wanton brothers, which was happy. Women happily eat baked skewers, no prejudice, no sanitation and dirty, without gifts, just the simplest and most relaxed cuisine enjoyment, not greasy to contaminate Zhu lips.
This is the happiness of our markets, and those so -called nobles can never understand. In their opinion, this noisy and dirty environment, this unprecedented food is the bitter life of the so -called poor people. Hehe, when they swayed the red wine elegantly under the swaying candlelight, we gobbled the Liba people on the streets of the earth, which was so pitiful. However, in our eyes, the cats that were not feeding were not full of high -end dishes, which was definitely not as happy as this cheap baking skewers. Eat meat in a large mouth, a large bowlDrinking, the happiness of this market, such a lively hustle and bustle, such as fish drinking water, knowing warmth. Hearty, unrestrained, the happiness of this market, such a true and frankness, is better than all hypocritical and cold luxury.
I like to drink in such an environment, those vulgar spoken words in my ears, the complaints of those life, and the short trivial matters of those parents, make me feel the truth of life, and let me experience the happiness of floating life. Drinking with rice grains, a whole barbecue meat was torn, watching the spicy and straight tongue of rice grains, the kind of hearty and unrestrained guys who dine in high -end restaurants could never experience it. No matter how much grievances have been suffered during the day, no matter how upset the day, no matter how humble the daytime, no matter how hate your poverty during the day, no matter how we look up at the richness of others during the day. At this moment, the happiness that this stall brings to us is everything, which is the source of all happiness. At this moment, friends are on the side. At present, the food is accompanied by the wine.
After eating and drinking, I and Mi Pan’er reluctantly returned to the car. Yun had already fell asleep in the back seat, and his brows frowned slightly. I smiled with Mi Pan’er: \”I don’t understand the darkness of the night during the day. She will not understand the happiness of these markets.\”
Chu people’s heart blue was drunk. \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients


  • 300g [ 123]

Auxiliary materials



  • A [
  • [ 123]

  • Beer 30ml
  • ingredients

Homemade barbecue sauce


Homemade barbecue powder


  • Baking process [ 123]

Ten minutes takes time

Advanced difficulty

  • The method of stunning large skewers barbecue


Pork removal fascia, cut large strips, use flowing water to exhaust blood and water for use

  • 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:1

  • ] 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:2


    Pork with egg white and beer and marinate evenly for 30 minutes

  • 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:3 3

    Add barbecue sauce 70g, barbecue powder 10g, ginger slices to the meat, and massage for 10 minutes

  • 4 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:4 Cover the plastic wrap, marinate into the refrigerator for more than 12 hours

  • 5

  • Bamboo Soak with boiling water for 30 minutes


  • String the meat on the bamboo stick, the bamboo sticks and tin foil [ 123]

  • 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:6


    Preheat 200 degrees of the oven, brush the pickled juice in the bowl on the meat skewers, bake in the oven for 15 minutes

  • 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:7


    Turn the remaining barbecue sauce with sesame oil, remove the roasted meat skewers for 15 minutes, sprinkle the remaining barbecue Powder, brush the adjusted barbecue sauce on the surface of the skewers, bake in the oven for 2 minutes

  • 心蓝手制私房菜【绝色大串烤肉】——那些市井的快乐的做法步骤:8 Tips
    Rori Bar:

    1. The commercially available barbecue sauce is not assured. The barbecue sauce made by myself is all natural ingredients. The better the long taste

    3. The taste of the meat of the blood water is better

    4. Adjust the baking time according to the size of the skewers of your own skewers

  • 5. The last way to sprinkle barbecue powder and brush barbecue sauce. Give barbecue more attractive fragrance and color


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