The method of sandwiches_How to do sandwich

\”Chicken is marinated early, I used breakfast, and marinated the first night.\”

ingredient details
The main ingredients

[ 123]

    Original bread tablets

  • Three pieces
  • Chicken

  • Cheese tablets
  • ] Tomato
  • 2 tablets

  • Cucumber
  • 2 tablets

  • Egg One
  • Letter [lettuce [lettuce 123] 2 tablets

Auxiliary material

Salad sauce

    A moderate amount

  • egg yolk sauce
  • A moderate amount

Other flavors

Other processes

    Half an hour takes time consuming

  • Ordinary difficulty

  • The method of sandwiches

  • 三明治的做法步骤:1

  • 三明治的做法步骤:2

    ] 1

    Prepare the ingredients, the cheese film supermarket, the chicken is marinated by itself, and then placed in the pan and fried, the eggs are fried, the tomato and cucumber are sliced, and the lettuce is washed. Only one person is written, and you can use tomato sauce without egg yolk sauce

  • 三明治的做法步骤:3

    Chicken breast slices, thinner [123 ]

  • 三明治的做法步骤:4


    Put the chicken in a bowl, pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, and cut the 5 -pett garlic into In the bowl, add an appropriate amount of pepper to grab, and then put it in an appropriate amount of raw powder and a egg white and marinate it. Put it in the refrigerator for more than half an hour. I prepare for the first night

    [ 123]

  • 三明治的做法步骤:5 4

    Put the marinated chicken with a thin layer of raw powder and fry it in a flat pan until two sides of the golden. , Shoucai

  • 三明治的做法步骤:6 5

    Put a layer of plastic wrap underneath, apply egg yolk sauce with a piece of bread, put it in a piece of piece Let the lettuce, only take the leaves of lettuce, put two cucumbers

  • 6 三明治的做法步骤:7 Then add chicken breast, take a piece of bread Wipe of the filmPull the sauce on the chicken, put the cheese slices, put a fried egg, put two slices of tomatoes, put a piece of lettuce leaves, and finally apply a piece of bread to the salad sauce and cover it on the lettuce

  • ]

  • 三明治的做法步骤:8

    Tightened the plastic wrap

8 Then cut the diagonal line, the finished product comes out, is it very attractive