The method of rice cooker curry beef rice


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\”Because of the dormitory in school, only a rice cooker uses only a rice cooker It ’s done.. Hehe and the rice cooker or something was disabled in the school. It felt very good to use it secretly. O (∩_∩) o ~ And it’ s delicious. \”

ingredients Detail

Main ingredients



  • Beef Half pound
  • ]

  • Onion 2
  • Carrot Half branch
  • Tomato A

  • Auxiliary materials

Curry block

Three pieces

  • ] Ingredients
  • Chicken essence A spoon

A spoon

  • Micro spicy flavor

  • Pot craft

  • One hour time consuming

Simple difficulty

Step of the method of rice cooker curry beef rice

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:1


    Peel the potatoes first. Essence Essence Hee hee, I think it will be cleaned by washing the potatoes and then peeling, otherwise it will be dirty. I turned on the computer because I was afraid of boring, and cut it while watching!

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:2


    Then talk about potatoes ,,, must be small. This is good to cook

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:3


    After all the potatoes are cut, soak in the water for a while.

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:4

    Then take the beef bought (all parts of the beef ,,,,,) over the water, put the water, put Washed all blood. Then cut the beef, the process is absolutely crazy. I suggest that beef can be cut with scissors. Haha, then listen to the song ~

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:5

    After cutting the beef, remember to soak it with water … Oil

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:6
    At this time we can put the potatoes in the pot and cook it, and put the potatoes in the pot. Oh.

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:7

    Then cut the onion into pieces, and the tears I cut out all flowed out.

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:8

    Then cut the tomato, you can add one or half of it, seasoning. It will feel a bit sour. (*^__^*) Hee hee …

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:9


    You can add beef when the potatoes are boiling Oh, then pour the onion in and cook in ten minutes, and then pour the tomatoes in about five minutes and cook it. A bit indecent, hehe

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:10


    Put the curry block in one or two minutes and cook it. ,Dear. I have been stirring next to me, anyway, I am very idle, hey

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:11 11

    Then add chicken essence and MSG in. Of course, you have to rest when you are tired, and then come to see it again, stir and stir, and cook it will be delicious. Of course, according to personal hobbies.

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:12 12

    Just stirring like this for about 10-20 minutes. The potatoes and beef feel can be out of the pot.哈哈

  • 电饭锅-咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:1313

    然后就可以出锅配着饭饭吃了,也可以浇面啊,粉丝啊, You can also dip in big cakes, various methods. If you ca n’t finish eating, you can use freshness as a sauce. Hey

  • Tips

Because I was just a rice cooker, I cooked the curry beef first and then cook it. Because the rice is cooked fast, and there is a carrot mentioned in my ingredients, we can put it or not, just for beauty. Hey, and my curry block is slightly spicy. You can choose the degree of spicy.