The method of refreshing cold dishes mix beef


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\”Cool dishes are the most common dishes on the national dining table First, the appetizing and greasy ingredients change thousands of, like shooting cucumber or something. Today, what I want to teach you is that you will feel duang after you learn it ~ It is cool! Others will feel I did not expect that cold dishes can actually be done!!! Let everyone remind everyone not to lick the screen! \”

ingredient details


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  • 500g
  • Green

Auxiliary material






  • Bean sprouts 400g
  • Red Jiu Jiu boiled fish concentrated seasoning 1 bag
    Micro spicy flavor

  • Mixing process

  • Ten minutes takes time

  • Simple difficulty

The practice of refreshing cold vegetables mixing beef

  • 1 清爽凉菜拌牛肉的做法步骤:1 Wash and set aside bean sprouts, greens and other ingredients; Wash and slice, put some black pepper to grab it for later use;

  • 2
    After boiling, put bean sprouts, vegetables and vegetables and vegetables and vegetables and vegetables Other ingredients are cooked in a pan, and for later use; 清爽凉菜拌牛肉的做法步骤:2

  • 3

  • The beef is oily and cooked in the plate, taking advantage of it while taking advantage of it, take advantage of it The oil pan will stir -fry the flavor of 180g red 99 boiled fish, pour it into the ingredients, and stir well after stirring!

  • 4

  • You who love cold dishes in the summer, try it quickly!

    1. After the vegetables are cooked, drain the water fully; grab the beef slices with black pepper!

2. It is best to mix with cold dishes. Do not put overnight;

3, cold dishes can be paired at will according to your favorite, because there is red 99, no matter what cold dishes do, cold dishes do It’s delicious!