The method of mixing meat mixing meat_The good partner of burrito and steamed buns —– Garlic mixing braised pork


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\”It is really convenient to prepare a pot of old halogen in summer, For three days, the braised pork tongue, sauce beef or something, can be eaten simply. I am pork this time. After the braised, I made a cold mix of garlic flavor, and then baptized some pancakes. . Actually, in addition to the burrito, it is also very good for pinching buns. \”
Main ingredients



1 piece

  • Auxiliary material


A moderate amount [ 123]

  • Garlars 1/2 spoon
  • Semethy oil
  • Peppole powder Affairs

Micro spicy flavor

Seasoning process

  • A few hours of time
  • Simple difficulty

  • Step of the practice of garlic mixing meat


  • Raw material: pork and coriander.

  • 2

  • Rinse the pork, simmer the water first, and then put it in the boiled brine for 1 hour. Fire dry until cooling.

  • 3

  • If there is no old brine, take the pot to inject the appropriate amount Pepper, dried red pepper, octagonal, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, licorice, cumin, grass fruit, cloves, boil the heat, turn the heat and slowly boil until the fragrance overflows and then add the food. Detailed steps can be seen in brine tongue.

  • 4

  • The braised meat is cold and then removed, put on disposable gloves, tears into a small piece and put it in a bowl In the middle, mix with garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili powder.

  • 5

  • Add coriander segment.

  • 6

  • All can be mixed well. Bakery and hip buns are delicious.


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