The method of minced meat crab flavored mushroom sauce


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\”Edible crab flavor mushroom effect

1. There is any Helping development: Crab -flavored mushrooms are rich in vitamins and amino acids, which helps young people to increase their wisdom and develop.
2. Anti -aging: The extract of crab -flavored mushroom root can promote antibiotics to form antioxidants. The effect of delaying aging.
3, anti -cancer and anti -cancer: crab -flavored mushrooms can resist the invasion of the human body by cancer cells and a variety of viruses, strengthen the body, prevent cancer, and anti -cancer.
4. Reduce cholesterol: Crab -flavored mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, which can achieve the effect of laxativeness and laxative, and can effectively solve the problem of constipation.

Applicable people

Most people can eat.

Taboo taboos The crowd

No taboo people. \”

The details of the ingredients

Main ingredients

Pork Stuffed

    8 Two

  • Crab Mushroom
  • 2 boxes


  • Tudou 1
    13th incense

  • 2 spoons
  • Xiangye

  • 1 tablet
  • Devil

  • 3
  • Big sauce [123 ] 3 spoons

  • White flavor increase
  • 3 spoon

Salted fresh flavor

One hour time consuming

  • Simple difficulty
  • The method of minced meat crab flavored mushroom sauce
  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:1 ]


  • Seeing the crab -flavored mushrooms bought by the supermarket, I bought 2 boxes and came back to fried sauce to eat. Smilfish too cold water.

  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:2


  • Potato peel and cut a little bit.

  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:3


  • The meat can be cut, and the meat I bought directly in the supermarket.

  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:4


  • Ginger cut.The crab flavor mushroom itself has a faint crab flavor, which is very sweet, so I like more ginger.

  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:5


  • Then cut the crab -flavored mushrooms, pour oil in the pot, first add meat foam, cook wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, Thirteen incense, then put the potato diced, crab flavor mushrooms, stir -fry together, put in the fragrant leaves, dried peppers (according to personal preferences can not be put) itself has the taste, so you don’t need to put in other seasonings anymoreEssence

  • 肉末蟹味菇酱的做法步骤:6


  • Put three spoons of large sauce, three spoons of white flavor sauce (can also use big sauce because you don’t like itThe color is too darker, so the sauce will be used for more than half an hour for each fried sauce.


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