The method of Liu Mang fried chicken

\”The sauce is strong, super flavorful, a traditional specialty food!\”

Main ingredients

[ 123] White Chicken


Auxiliary material

Big Sauce

50g [123


  • Soy sauce 20g
  • Oyster sauce 15g
  • Sugar

  • 3g
  • peanuts Harmonious oil

  • 150g
  • Pea flour

  • 3g Chili
  • 150g

  • onion segment 120g
  • octagon 2
  • Bai Yan
  • Licorice 2 tablets
  • ]
  • Cycles

  • 3g
  • Bibo

  • 1
  • Lilac

  • 1g
  • salt [salt [ 123] 1g

Sauce flavor

Stir -fried process

    Half an hour time

  • [123 ] Ordinary difficulty
  • The method of Liu Mang’s fried chicken


Chop the white chicken into large pieces of uniform size

  • 刘芒炒鸡的做法步骤:1

    Prepare all ingredients, shallots, pepper cut into Crowded knife!

  • 刘芒炒鸡的做法步骤:2

    All the big materials are wrapped in cloth bags, heat the pot and add oil, directly fry until chicken pieces gold gold Yellow, add the sauce and stir -fry the aroma, then add oyster sauce, soy sauce, old soy sauce, stir -fry with 3 spoons of water, and then add other condiments and ingredients. Powder is thickened and poured out the bright oil out of the pan!

  • 刘芒炒鸡的做法步骤:3 Tips
    Friends who like spicy food can add some millet pepper. Note that it must be a hot pot cool oil, otherwise it is easy to dip the pot!


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