The method of Korean -style spicy kimchi big sauce soup


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\”Since I went to Jeju Island, I never forget to think of Korean food in South Korea The kimchi, radish, and Bakbone soup made by my friends themselves are super miss.

So I bought Korean big sauce, kimchi, and when I was free, miss the taste of a foreign country.
Big sauce It is a home -cooked dish for Korean families. The formula inside does not have specific requirements. According to personal taste, put it in your favorite ingredients.
It is very suitable for temporary cooking and there is no soup base. Put a spoonful of big sauce, as well as any handy sauce, as well as any handy. Any ingredients that can be obtained can be made in the same way.
The wheat found half a month ago, half a month ago, half -dried seama -dried seama bags, and a must -have shrimp at home in the refrigerator (in fact, South Korea is all all are all in Korea. Dried fish, just happened to be in the house. In order to have seafood, Koreans really love seafood, especially in Jeju Island, seafood is much more than meat.) I bought it in the vegetable market. The next time I cut it in the refrigerator, I was frozen.


Old tofu


    Dry sea shred

  • A small handful
  • Dried shrimp

  • 5-10
  • Kimchi

  • 50g Caijie
  • 50g

  • Auxiliary materials
  • Big Sauce A spoon

Red Chili [ 123] 1


1 root

  • garlic 2-3 petals
  • ] Sauce flavor

Burning process

Time time takes time

Simple difficulty

  • Korean style Korean style The practice of spicy kimchi soup


Wash the Kunbu, dried with shrimp (fish fish (fish fish (fish Dry) Losted the casserole together and cook for 5 minutes. Kunbu (that is, kelp) is dry at home, suitable for use at any time. And wash it with drying it and use it to cook the soup base. The soup will have a particularly strong seafood flavor. This is also the essence of this big sauce soup.
  • 韩式辣泡菜大酱汤一人在家随便吃系列的做法步骤:1

    Put the big sauce, then cut the old tofu, put it in the pot

  • [ 123]


    Then put in the cabbage. Chili and garlic cloves. (Those who like spicy food can be placed according to the taste)

  • 韩式辣泡菜大酱汤一人在家随便吃系列的做法步骤:3 4

    Observe that if the tofu is cooked until there is hole (I like to eat it There are pores with tofu haha. If you like tender tofu, you can change it.) You can put kimchi. Just cook for a while.

  • 韩式辣泡菜大酱汤一人在家随便吃系列的做法步骤:4 5

    Put the kimchi after the soup is boiled again. 123]

  • 6 韩式辣泡菜大酱汤一人在家随便吃系列的做法步骤:5 to Zhang Ban finished, boiling big sauce soup. This is a home lazy dish, as long as there is a big sauce in the refrigerator. Everything is good to say, everything you can find, at home, if you like to eat, you can throw it in and cook. Finally, remember to pay rice, haha, big sauce soup with rice, super delicious.


  • The soup base is the essence of this dish. If not, the meat, pork ribs, etc. can also become the soup base.
    If there is nothing, the big sauce soup will look clear, and there will be no strong sauce. 韩式辣泡菜大酱汤一人在家随便吃系列的做法步骤:6 The best combination of Dasao Decoction is: Kunbu, tofu, bacteria.

    Other casual.


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