The method of beef fried Sambo_How to make beef fried Sanbao


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[1. 1. Beef is rich in protein, amino acid. Composition is closer to the needs of the human body than pork, which can improve the body’s disease resistance, and is particularly suitable for people who have been replenishing blood loss and repair tissue after surgery, postoperative, and post -disease. The characteristics of fragrance, thick meat, tender taste, flavor, and nutritious characteristics. Pleurotus eryngii has blood lipids, cholesterol, promoting gastrointestinal digestion, enhancing the body’s immune capacity, preventing cardiovascular disease and other medicinal effects. It is a healthy and delicious food.

3. Carrots and carrots are rich in sugar, fat, volatile oil, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, calcium, iron and other nutrients.
4. Beil pepper, also known as pepper, is a plant of the genus Egish and peppers. Green peppers can be used as vegetables, and dried red peppers are the condiments that many people love. It also contains rich vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium nutrients. It also has the effects of Wenzhong, cold, appetizing and eliminating food. \”

ingredients details

Lord Material

Auxiliary materials

Pleurotus eryngii


  • Carrot 100g
  • Chili 50g

Spicy flavor

Stir -fried process

    Ten minutes takes time

  • Ordinary difficulty

  • Step of the practice of beef fried Sambo


  • Prepare the ingredients used.

  • 2

  • The green onion is cut, and the garlic is flat (burst pot).
  • 3

  • 油热后爆香大蒜和葱段后,放入切好的牛肉片翻炒,再Add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, sea -sky seafood soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil to the beef color.


  • Put in orderFry evenly.

  • 牛肉炒三宝的做法步骤:4


  • Finally, add salt and chicken essence.

  • 牛肉炒三宝的做法步骤:5


    finished map.

  • 牛肉炒三宝的做法步骤:6


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