The method of beef and black garlic mustard sauce


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\”The tenderness of the peace with the black garlic is sweet, after passing After roasting, it tastes delicious. Snow white mushrooms and potatoes neutralize the fragrance of steaks, plus the rich fruity aroma of black garlic, which is more delicious and endless. \”

ingredients details

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Main ingredients



  • Mini Tudou 50g
] Snow White Mushroom

    Black garlic

  • 10g

Auxiliary material

  • Mustard seed sauce
  • 20g

  • Salted fresh flavor

Fried process

] Three -person bell time consumption

    Advanced difficulty

  • The practice of beef and black garlic mustard sauce

  • 1

    All four of the mini potatoes, bake it in oil stains, cook cooked for available

  • 2

    Black garlic and mustard seed sauce are mixed together

  • 3

    After the hot pot, the prepared mini potatoes and snow white will be prepared You can stir -fry the mushroom


The beef taken from the refrigerator should be warm first, add a little olive oil after the hot pot, and then Put the beef and fry until the scent on both sides, put it on the plate.

Tips 1. Use 120 days to cooked black garlic, soft, sweet, better quality!


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