The Bathroom Decor- How to Incorporate Feng

The Bathroom Decor, When it comes to bathrooms, everyone has their preference as to how it is decorated. For example, if you need one of your family members to put some towels on the towel rack in the bathroom, chances are they will hang them the way that they like them. That is just the way it is with everyone.

Even when they live in the same household, they have a different look at the decor. However, that is okay because life would be very boring if no one had their style. One style that seems to be popular among everyone is the Feng Shui decor.

Feng Shui decor is about working with positive energy to create a balanced look. With the Feng shui decor, everything has its place and it needs to go there. This is the part that you can incorporate into the bathroom decor.

Design It First

You will need to design your bathroom to have a positive flow. If you are remodelling, now is the time to place all the appliances and fixtures where you will use them the most.

Even if you are not remodelling and rearranging the fixtures you can still incorporate the Feng Shui design into your bathroom.

Make sure to include all the closets, shelves, drawers, lighting, and accessories on your plan. Take a few days or even weeks to design the bathroom.


Lighting is required for positive energy. It also gives you a clean look and feels to your bathroom. Lighting needs to be as natural as possible.

Some bathrooms do not have a window while others do so if you don’t have a window then you must create as much lighting as possible without making the room seem too artificial.

You also need to make sure that you have enough ventilation in your bathroom as well. Both of these are very important to this type of decor. Ventilation can help rid the room of negative energy that can travel through the rest of the home.

Mirrors and Lighting- Some Bathroom Decorating Tips

Once the design is complete, you are ready to get started. While working to achieve the Feng Shui decor, you want to make sure that you put an end to faucets that drip and leak.

This can give off negative energy and you cannot have that in this decor. The dripping of water constantly is considered wasting money.

To increase the positive energy and decrease the negative energy set a clear glass bowl filled halfway with brownstones above the toilet. This will encourage everyone to conserve water because it is an element of earth.


Accessorize the bathroom with red rugs or black rugs. One rug needs to be placed at the base of the toilet. This will help to protect from loss of wealth. You can use cream colours in your bathroom to balance the look.

A Feng Shui decor in the bathroom is not only possible to achieve but it is also affordable. With positive energy in every room, you can create a balance of energy in your life and your home.

Sarah is an expert contributing author writing about feng shui interior designing. To effortlessly change the feel of your bathroom she loves to use red area rugs and black area rugs.


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