Tata Starbucks Introduces Diwali Blend to Celebrate Coffee Heritage

Starbucks India is celebrating the festival of lights with the debut of a new seasonal whole-bean coffee, Starbucks® Diwali Blend, to customers across India and select global markets.
Reinforcing Starbucks long-term commitment to the market, the exclusive Starbucks®Diwali Blend honours India’s coffee-growing communities by highlighting new estates each year from India’s rich tradition of expert coffee producers.
“Diwali holds incredible significance as a source of light and hope for Indians around the world,” said Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd by adding that this moment gives us the perfect opportunity to bring joy and cheer into the lives of our customers, which is especially meaningful now.
Starbucks®Diwali Blend is a tribute to the region’s deep coffee heritage and expertise, made with hand-selected coffee from Valparai, Jumboor and Suntikoppa estates in the verdant hills of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
The indulgent and immersive experience was developed specifically for customers in India.This unique blend features a balanced acidity,warm notes of cocoa, a syrupy body with notes of chocolate and hints of spice and stone fruit.
The package design depicts themes of light and illumination, with images of lanterns and elaborate traditional patterns. The central rangoli pattern reflects the symbolic triumph of good over evil and embodies the spirit of Diwali, the most auspicious day of the year in India.
Starbucks®Diwali Blend is available for a limited time across all stores in India.


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