SweeGen Announces Commercialization of Bestevia Reb N

SweeGen has announced it will commercialize its Bestevia rebaudioside N (Reb N), a zero-calorie, natural stevia sweetener.
Reb N is a naturally occurring sweetener which works for both beverage applications, as well in a variety of foods.
It is found in stevia leaves, which historically made it difficult and expensive to isolate, but Reb N is produced by a patented bioconversion technology, which starts with sustainably-sourced stevia leaf, and results in great tasting, pure molecules that are found in nature.
This process was developed by Conagen, a biotech innovator of sustainable ingredients.
SweeGen’s entire proprietary portfolio of natural stevia sweeteners are classified as next generation non-GMO, high-purity, and clean tasting. The Bestevia portfolio includes Rebs B, D, E, I, M, and now Reb N.
Conagen’s VP of innovation, Casey Lippmeier, Ph.D. said, “The introduction of Reb N is another great example of how Conagen’s deep expertise in bioconversion technology enables the creation of unique stevia sweeteners. With such a wide range of next generation stevia offerings now available, we will see a new level of innovation in better-for-you products that was previously considered impossible.”
Shari Mahon, SVP of global application technology said, “Bestevia Reb N has a unique sweet profile that helps us create solutions that have a taste profile closer to both full-calorie and high intensity sweeteners. Our solutions are one of the most unique and tailored in the industry because of our access to the widest range of Rebs for sugar reduction.”


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