Stewed Potatoes with Tomato and Beef Brisket

Tomato sirloin stewed potatoes

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“Although the Spring Festival is over and the footsteps of spring are getting closer, the weather is still quite cold. Especially in the past few days, when the north wind blows from level 4 or 5 to level 6 or 7, the wind wears The sound of passing through the branches sounds scary. I thought about wearing a small padded jacket to go out for a walk, but hesitated again and again, or wrap it in a down jacket! Winter hides essence, spring grows hair. When the seasons change, they are also weak People are most likely to get sick, so you should also pay attention to your diet. There should be no less vegetables, poultry and eggs, and no less soup. Especially in the north, because of the heating, it is even more dry.”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Beef brisket

    700 grams

  • tomato


  • Potatoes


  • Carrot

    two small roots

  • oil

    a little

  • Scallions

    half root

  • garlic

    Several petals

  • Ginger

    two pieces

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Sour and salty


  • stew


  • hours

    time consuming

  • Simple


The steps of stewed potatoes with tomato beef brisket

  •  The steps of stewed potatoes with tomato sirloin: 1

    Clean the sirloin

  •  Stewed potatoes with tomato and sirloin: 2

    Cut into 2 or 3 cm chunks; then put it in a pot of cold water, boil on high heat and blanch for a while

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomatoes and Beef Brisket: 3

    While the beef is blanching, handle the side dishes: potatoes and carrotsScrape the skin and wash the tomatoes

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomatoes and Beef Brisket: 4

    Cut the potatoes and carrots into hob pieces; you can cut them before putting them in the pot, or cut them first and put them in cold water, the potatoes will not Oxidation turned black

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomatoes and Beef Brisket: 5

    Tomatoes cut into small pieces

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomatoes and Beef Brisket: 6

    Take out the boiled beef with a small colander, and take it out from the boiled place, so that it will not be stained with foam and it is very clean Refreshing

  • Recipe steps for tomato stewed beef brisket with potatoes: 7

    Pour a little oil in the frying pan, stir fry the tomatoes into a paste, then add half a green onion

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomatoes and Beef Brisket: 8

    Pour the tomatoes into the beef casserole, add enough hot water, put the garlic cloves and ginger slices into the pot


  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomato Beef Brisket: 9

    I use an electric cooker, choose the program of “Braised Beef and Sheep” and set the time to 2 and a half hours

  •  Stewed Potatoes with Tomato Beef Brisket: 10

    When 20 minutes are left, put potatoes and carrotsPour the bu into the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, mix well, and finish the rest of the time.

  •  The practice steps of stewed potatoes with tomato sirloin: 11

    Drink a bowl of sour soup, eat a bite of beef, potato noodles, carrots are slightly sweet, so delicious


Stir-fry the tomatoes with oil, the soup will be thicker and more mellow; if you don’t like greasy, you can put it directly into the stew pot and stew with the beef; the beef and tomatoes are stewed together, not only the taste is good, but also the beef is easy to cook;
The amount of potatoes and carrots can be adjusted;
The star anise and cinnamon are not added, so the taste is more refreshing, and it does not get angry;
If you don’t have an electric cooker, use an ordinary soup pot, wok, casserole, etc., and cook slowly over low heat.


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