Spinach Rolls

Recipe for spinach rolls

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“When spring comes, spinach and leeks are on the market in large quantities, how can you miss the delicious rolls!”

Details of ingredients

  • Wu Deli Flour


  • water


  • Spinach


  • Chives


  • Scrambled eggs


  • Fried Tofu Chips


  • Stir-fried diced meat


  • Ginger Powder

    Appropriate amount

  • Five Spice Powder

    Appropriate amount

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Salty


  • Steam


  • three quarters of an hour

    time consuming

  • Simple


The steps of making spinach rolls

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 1

    150g Wudeli flour, water 89g. Don’t pour all the water into the noodles all at once, first knead it into a slightly harder dough, then dip your hands in the water and put the noodles in (the process of putting the noodles in will make the dough more gluten, which is more conducive to later stretching), the dough will be a little The dough changes from hard to soft, cover it and put it aside to wake up, and start making stuffing.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 2

    Take an appropriate amount of pork belly, diced and stir fry, add cooking wine and soy sauce. Stir-fry to release the oil, collect the juice on high heat, and let it cool for later use.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 3

    Wash the spinach, blanch it quickly in hot water, immediately put it in a basin of cold water, be sure to squeeze out the water, and cut into longer pieces Duan, squeeze the water again. Thin sweet potato vermicelli soaked until softened and cut into long pieces, chopped scrambled eggs, fried tofu cut into thin strips, leeks cut into 1 cm length, add fried diced pork belly.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 4

    10g deep-fried a few prickly ash, put it into the vegetable filling, add five-spice powder and ginger powder, mix well, and finally add some salt and mix well.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 5

    Put more flour on the top and bottom of the dough to prevent sticking, roll it into a thin skin, and fold it flat. My panel is not big enough 😓

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 6

    Pour the mixed vegetables on the dough (pour all the vegetables on the panel if it is big enough, pour 2/3 if it is not big enough) and spread it evenly . Use the tip of a kitchen knife to mark a “ten” in the middle of the dough. Carefully fold the cross in four directions.

  • Recipe steps for spinach rolls: 7

    Gently roll up to all sides. Distribute the remaining 1/3 vegetable filling on the dough as appropriate. Pay attention to stretch out the wrinkled part and spread the vegetable filling.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 8

    Start rolling from the middle, there are no joints, and there are more dishes in the circle. Cut into suitable lengths with a knife.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 9

    Brush a thin layer of oil on the steamer, and carefully place the vegetable rolls.

  • Recipe steps for spinach rolls: 10

    I divided it into two drawers.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 11

    After the pot is opened, steam for 6 minutes. The skin is relatively thin, and the vegetable filling is basically cooked, so don’t steam it for too long.

  •  Steps to make spinach rolls: 12

    The relatively long vegetable rolls are cut with a shovel and filled out. The skin is thin and the stuffing is large, very delicious.

  • Recipe steps for spinach rolls: 13

    Eat with the children, there is only one piece left 😄😄


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