Spicy Tofu Noodles with Chicken

So I was conducting a routine fridge inventory to assess what I wanted to use (i.e. what could last another few days vs. what had been sitting there a little too long and desperately needed to be cooked). There was a bag of green peppers that had been in there a while, along with some scallions.

So I decided to make this dish. It’s a dish that I grew up eating, as routine in our family as spaghetti is to others (not that we didn’t also make a good amount of spaghetti).

When we have green peppers in the fridge languishing away without a purpose, I put them to good use with this. It’s a dish of tofu “noodles,” which are basically just pressed sheets of tofu that are cut into long, thin strips that sort of resemble noodles. It’s good for anyone looking to not overload on carbs, because it sort of feels like you’re eating noodles, but hey! Look at that. You’re actually eating tofu.



You can feel free to go a little easy on the peppers. I’ve written here that the recipe calls for 3 peppers. Since I had five of ‘em lyin’ around with nothing better to do, I just threw all of them in. It was pretty spicy. But having a mother who is very much into this “just throw it all in” mentality, I was used to it.

long hot green pepperslong hot green peppers

You can put more peppers in if you like to walk on the wild side, but if you’re not into it, you can substitute sweet bell peppers.

Recipe Instructions

Start by slicing your garlic.

sliced garlicsliced garlic

Your long hot green peppers

sliced hot green pepperssliced hot green peppers

And the scallions


Then slice your chicken breast into thin strips.


Marinate the chicken breast in a small bowl with sesame oil, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, and a couple good grinds of white pepper.

marinated chickenmarinated chicken

In your wok, heat up a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and add the chicken. Stir-fry until it’s brown and take it out of the pan. Set aside.

Heat up some more oil and add the peppers. stir-fry them for a couple minutes, until the peppers start to soften. Add the garlic and scallions and stir-fry for another couple minutes.


Add the chicken back to the wok along with the tofu “noodles” and stir-fry for about 5 minutes, until everything’s heated through and combined.




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