Practice of kelp sweet potato powder chicken soup_How to make kelp sweet potato powder chicken soup

\”In my hometown of Ningyuan County, Hunan, this is also a dish from snacks to big. When I did n’t like to eat, I like to eat this dish. Although Hunan cuisine is not spicy, this dish is also a home. Will be done, entertaining guests one of the preferred dishes. Summer is here, eat some kelp to dispel summer heat! \”

ingredients details

[ 123]

  • Half (pork ribs can also be)

Auxiliary materials

Sweet potato flour strips

    200g (sweet potato powder)

  • kelp
  • Lao Jiang 1 small piece
  • Onion A little
  • oyster sauce A moderate amount

Light flavor


Potting process

    One hour time consuming

  • Simple difficulty

  • The practice of kelp sweet potato powder chicken soup

  • Peel the chicken into pieces.

  • 2

  • Wipe the dried sea belt and cut it into a suitable size for sizes (it is recommended to cut a small piece).

  • 3

  • Prepare sweet potato flour (I am an authentic sweet potato powder brought from his hometown of Hunan).

  • 4

  • Add water to the pot and add sweet potato flour.

  • 5

  • Cook a little, because it is also cooked in the future.

  • 6

  • Put chicken, kelp, red dates and ginger in the pot (just pat it with a knife).

  • 7

  • Add the hot sweet potato noodles, cover the pot of the pot for a clock (the pressure cooker thirty five minutes).

  • 8

  • Time to season with salt, chicken essence and oyster sauce.

  • 9

  • Sprinkle onion.

  • 10

  • Put a bowl to eat.

  • 11

  • This is my dinner.

    1. The sweet potato flour I used is made by the pure sweet potato of my hometown, so it is very resistant to cooking.Cutchotafana flour, etc., can be added to the back, can be added later.

  • 2. You can fly water before boiling, and the soup is clearer.


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