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\”Whose New Year’s Eve can miss the balls? [ 123]
Those meatballs of the New Year’s Eve, you must have never seen this, the goddess is exquisite, small and fresh. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

    Crab Seed

  • 50g Slot cheese
  • 6 tablets

  • Qiandao sauce 100g
  • Pork 400g
  • Lettuce 500g
  • Auxiliary materials


  • 3 tablets
  • rice wine

  • ] 10ml
  • Soy sauce

  • 5ml
  • Egg

  • 1 Biscuits
  • Two pieces

  • [ 123] White pepper 2g
  • salt
  • cooking wine 10ml
  • Oyster sauce oyster sauce 25g
  • Shiitake 4
  • 3
  • Onion

  • A one
  • Red Pepper

  • 1
  • Wet starch

  • Affairs Water
  • 150ml

  • [123 ] Dry starch Affairs
  • Sweet flavor Fried process
  • Three moments Call time consumption Ordinary difficulty

The practice of Bibo Baoxin Maruko


    Prepare Maruko Baoxin ingredients: crab seeds: 50g; sliced \u200b\u200bcheese: 6 tablets; Thousand Island sauce: 100g.

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:1


    Melating cheese: Put the cheese tablets into a small bowl and enter the microwave oven high high school fire for 30 seconds; mixes Qiandao sauce and crab seeds into the melted cheese in turn, and stir well; In the dish, put it in the refrigerator to cool down and make it initially shaped. Tips: After the temperature of the cheese is reduced, it will make the small Baoxin initially set, so that it will be easier to put the heart of the heart in the meatball later;

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:2

    [ 123]


    Make a ball of meat: Pork: 400g ingredients: two celery, 20g of ginger, 10ml of rice wine, 10ml of soy sauce, 1 egg, two biscuits, 2g of white pepper powder, appropriate amount of salt, dried amount, dried Moderate amount of starch. Tips: Pork is recommended to choose 6 thin and 4 fertilizers or foreheads. Biscuits are ordinary and have no special flavor. After the celery and ginger wipe the juice, the taste of the ball is more perfect.

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:3

    Make stuffing: cut the pork and chop it; 2. Wipe the ginger and celery with ginger ginger with ginger Put all the fur and juice into the chopped meat filling; 3. Put rice wine, soy sauce, eggs, white pepper, etc. in the meat filling; And use chopsticks to stir the meat along a direction until it is completely stirred; 5. Crush the biscuits with your hands, sprinkle it in the mixed meat filling, and stir again;

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:4


  • 5 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:5 6. Put the meat filling in your hand, flatten it, put the previously prepared heart -to -mind in the middle of the meat filling Cover the material and rub it into a circular shape; 7. Put it into a dry starch bowl and roll it, so that the surface of the meatballs is thinly stained with a layer of dry starch. Tips: In the process of frying, the heart is easy to flow out, so there must be enough meat filling. You do n’t have to ask for a big heart. When you pack it, if you have a sewing, you must add meat to fill it.

  • 6 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:6 Fried balls: 1. Pour about 400ml of vegetable oil and boil to 80 % heat; Enter the balls, and use chopsticks to avoid sticking to the bottom; 3. Quickly change the low heat, fry until the surface is golden yellow, pick up the oil for later use; small tips: must be slow -fried in low heat, otherwise it will be easy to fry the scorch, which will affect the beauty of the beauty, which will affect the beauty. ;

  • 7 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:7 Prepare the main material of the bottom of the plate: 500g of lettuce. 1. Ship the lettuce and cut the shredded; 2. Boil water in the pot, add half -tone salt, add lettuce shredded, simmer the water for half a minute, pick up the drain and put it into the bottom of the plate; Make the lettuce more green. You can cut the shredded first. This step can be carried out after the start of the \”stew\” of the next step, so as not to install the lettuce plate for too long and cold, which affects the taste after serving.
  • 8 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:8 Stew: ingredients: 10ml of cooking wine, 5ml soy sauce, 25g of oyster sauce, 4 shiitake mushrooms, 3 black fungus, 3 slices of ginger, one onion, red pepper 1 This is moderate amount of wet starch. Water 150ml ingredients are prepared: shiitake mushrooms, black fungus soak hair in advance, black fungus shred, cut onion cut sections, shredded chili tips: red pepper can be replaced by a small amount of carrot wire, which is more suitable for northern flavors.

  • 9 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:9 The residual oil of the fried balls leaves a little, add ginger slices, shiitake mushrooms savory;

    [ 123]

  • 10
    Add black fungus, oyster sauce, cooking wine, stir -fry for a while; 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:10
    [123 ]

  • 11

  • Add the fried balls, stir fry for a while, add 150ml water;

    [ 123] 12

    Change the medium heat, cover it for 5-10 minutes (the size of the meatballs is set);

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:12

    When the water is left half of the water in the pot, add wet starch, chili shreds, and onion segments to stir fry;

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:13


    Turn off the fire and pour the meatballs with soup on the bottom of the previously prepared lettuce.

  • 碧波包心丸子──“鱼儿厨房”私房菜的做法步骤:14


    The bottom of the emerald lettuce, just like a sea -blue wave, poured juicy meatballs, juice penetration blue waves It is natural.


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