PepsiCo India launches ‘tidy trails’ in Mathura

PepsiCo India, in partnership with United Way Delhi, and as part of Swachh Bharat Mission, has launched "Tidy Trails" – a special initiative to sustainably manage post-consumer plastic waste in Mathura-Vrindavan.
The initiative was flagged off on Sunday and a dedicated mobile van has been deployed that will visit more than 400 shops to create awareness and collect post-consumer plastic waste.
The initiative aims to encourage and empower local citizens to keep their environment clean and set an example to inspire all members of communities.
Tidy Trails will engage the shopkeeper community, including organized and unorganized retail shops in eight commercial zones, across Mathura-Vrindavan to encourage behavioural change towards responsible plastic waste management.
To create mass awareness, PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi will organize on-ground events, e-educational workshops, and will distribute Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material to the shopkeeper community as well as the public at large.
The post-consumer plastic waste collected from these establishments will be segregated and provided for recycling purpose. The plastic waste collected will also be repurposed into useful products like chairs and tables, which later will be installed at public places across Mathura-Vrindavan.
Talking about the initiative, Anunaya Jha, municipal commissioner, Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation said, "Mathura Vrindavan Nagar Nigam is working tirelessly on various initiatives in line with Swachh Uttar Pradesh to create awareness on responsible disposal of plastic waste amongst local citizens and communities. We will extend the required support to PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi on their special initiative".
Satadal Mukherjee, factory head, PepsiCo India Kosi Kalan, Mathura Foods Plant said, "PepsiCo India has undertaken various recycling initiatives with our partners to make sustainable plastics a reality across different markets."


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