Omya launches two innovative, added-value excipients for dietary supplements

Optimised processing and ease of use: New mineral solutions for tablets
Omya launches two innovative, added-value excipients for dietary supplements 
Mineral-based solutions expert Omya has recently launched Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash that give impressive new options for the production of nutraceutical tablets. Omyanutra® 300 DC is a direct compressible version of the company’s proprietary functionalised calcium carbonate excipient that enables excellent tablet compactability and disintegration. Omyanutra® 300 Flash comes with a superdisintegrant and is therefore a perfect all-in-one solution for manufacturers of orally and fast disintegrating tablets. Both ingredients are free from nanoparticles and GMOs, and made of high-purity, natural mineral material.
A high number of poorly compactable active ingredients can make the manufacturing of nutraceutical tablets very challenging. Two new mineral solutions developed by Omya facilitate the process. With Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash, manufacturers can create hard tablets at low compression forces. These free-flowing, directly compressible granules offer better compactability compared to benchmark excipients, such as lactose and microcrystalline cellulose. In addition, the products provide fast disintegration thanks to the porous structure of their very specific particles. This porosity also enables the safe carrying and release of active ingredients. As it contains a superdisintegrant, Omyanutra® 300 Flash is ideally suited to tablet manufacturers looking for an all-in-one solution. It provides fast disintegration in orally and fast disintegrating tablets (ODTs/FDTs) regardless of the hardness of the tablet.
Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, says: “Our mineral excipients Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash are both multifunctional innovations that speed up new product developments. Thus, manufacturers can work with natural, effective and easy to process ingredients while consumers get easy to use tablets that quickly disintegrate, and are of the utmost purity.” 


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